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Abdullah Saad Eldesouky

  • Villa 207 - 6th region - 2st neighborhood - Fifth settlement - New Cairo - Cairoe
  • 01207320481


I am looking forward to a training in which i can increase my experience . 

last activities

Member of the board of directors 

Life Makers

make plans for new projects and follow up in their implementation . 

Responsible of Qodwa project  

Life Makers

This project aims t spread the value of voluntary work to preparatory and secondary students . l was responsible for this project in a new Cairo . made an effective achievement we reached to 2500 student .

PR & Project manager

Alashanek Ya Balady

It was a start up to this Student   activity in the uni . And the event made a successful feed back as a fist event to start up .


Spread Your Skills 

this student activity seeks to reinvent the way people learn . it presented an online course joined by more 1000 student . 



faculty of commerce English section  

Al-Azhar university 

courses and CERTIFICATES 

    • English course from AUC (intermediate) (certificate) .
    • Time line management and business model courses .
    • presentation  skills section in El Tahrir lounge , communication skills and decision making .
    • draw caricature workshops in El Tahrir lounge .


    • The best volunteer in Life Makers (2014) .
    • participated in effective citizen workshops in the British council (certificate) ,
    • participated in entrepreneurship camp with Eyouth  organization .
    • participated in innovation camp  with INJAZ . And won the first place with my group .


  • Drawing
  • Reading
  • Writing pottery 
  • Team working
  • Basketball
  • Running