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Abdullah Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Elsayed

Graphic designer - filmmaker - Motion Graphics

May 2015Present

Freelance designer

For myself

I work as a graphic designer, advertising, marketing, work as a motion graphic designer, the art of moving text, attractively, and editor free (average) .

Mar 2013Apr 2015

Graphic Design

Beacon Promotion & Advertising

Graphic designer, advertising, book covers, magazines, brochures, flyers, banners and advertising companies, chertat, and other accessories.

Feb 2011Mar 2013

Publicity and advertising

Contrast ADV

Entered the world of advertising to the severity of my love to see public and break the barrier, and challenging myself and prove I am efficient, worked initially in contrast company manufacturing, worked with the Marketing Department and as a graphic designer, worked for two years, and the increase in the second year more than customers company contrast manufacturing  advertising agency is offering several services for printing such as designs for exhibition interfaces in different sizes and billboards illuminated and non-illuminated, three-dimensional and non-polyphonic.

Oct 2008Feb 2011



Marketing Department, internal, where I worked in the Sales Department, outside and within the provinces, within the country, and is set in the province and open new branch, to sell computer accessories thereto, for a period of six months, under my administration, and oversaw General supervisor, each week, and the success of the branch, and the branch was moved to a better place than we were, more dynamic.

Aug 2007May 2008


Al-Tabi company

Seller at the library, was the expansion of the library has opened the largest branch was transferred the help of two



Press and media

Cairo University

I teach journalism, television and radio, directing and editing, advertising and public relations and more press and media , I liked more than my experience in the field, joined the University, 

Note: the University will not hinder me from work, and travel.


Secondary technical, computer and electronics

Birket Es Sab - High School Boys

Study of computer science, and television, radio and electronic circuits.


Good thinking

There is a rule says, that were not know something, it is not difficult to start and learn about many things in one day.


producer video 



Adobe Illustrato


Adobe AfterEffect

Motion Graphic And Intro And The End .

Adobe Photoshop

Design and Edit 

Management, Planning, Leadership , Problem solving , Teamwork

Whenever everything thoughtful and thorough study of the importance of planning, and the work is performed highly professional. Problem-solving team does not get up until there is a defect in the company, and the meaning of the company's success is the success of each individual of the security and hygiene factor to senior managers.