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Abdullah Nefei Alsulami



A recent Information Technology graduate with bachelor degree from Flinders University, seeking for a position commensurate to my qualifications or to any
vacant position in which I can develope my IT skills and have the opportunity to learn and advance in my profession



Bachelor of Information Technology

Flinders University

Studied bachelor degree at Flinders University and learnt some new programming topics, networking, a business topic and software engineering which qualify me  to work professionally with any organization in the future.


Diploma of computer technology in the field of Networking

College of Technology

Studied Networking and learnt how to set up the routers and Switches Which can be used to connect multiple devices on the same network within a building.

Work Experience


Cooperative Training Program

Alfalah school  

The major tasks was to handle networking issues in the building and made sure that the network is connected and working properly and fixing all the technical problems in the computer labs. 

Training Courses


Intensive English Course

Technical and Vocational Training Corporation

Successfully completed the intermediate level of the TVTC english language intensive course for technical college graduates for 21 weeks with overall score of 95.1%


English course

Intensive English Language Institute in Adelaide – Australia

Successfully completed an English course for one year at IELI which required to study at Flinders University 


Capable of speaking English very well.

Studied for three years in Australia which allows me to speak english language very well.

Excellent use of Microsoft office programs.

During my studies of diploma and bachelor degree, I became familiar with using Microsoft Office Programs.

Some understandings of programming languages like HTML and CSS

I studied and successfully passed some programing topics during the period of bachelor degree.

Quick understanding and rapid absorption of the information.

I improved my ability of understanding any complicated topics and questions.

Hobbies & Interests

when I have a free time, I like browsing the internet and learn something new especially in the field of technology and science.

I have a keen interest in photography and using the photoshop.
I like practicing most of sports especially swimming.