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A season decision maker with years of progressive experience with-in the Mortgage Banking/Financial Industry, with a keen perceptive on Credit Risk Management/Monitoring Skills. With marketing (e-commerce, website design, visual communication aids) sales, general management skills, business & consumer customer segment responsibilities. Key strengths are in the Credit-Risk Management/Mortgage Banking Industry/ALM Asset-liability management/Collateral Asset Risk Control. Exceptional communication/organizational abilities. A diverse communicator within a domestic or global environment. Other Relevant Expertise Mortgage Underwriter, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Consumer Collections, Federal Regulations (Banking), a thorough understanding of the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) Marketing Assistant for Alveda “King” Beal The niece of the late Dr Martin L. King Jr. during her bid to run for a seat for the US Congress. Campaign slogan I created was "Vote This Beal Into Congress" Press operator 360 AB Dick, 1250 Multi, 700 series Davison Roll Converter. Proficient in Info Lease, Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Publishers 2000, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Illustrator and other relative software.


I enjoy being in the know, cognizant as some would say. Global events are extremely important, as they seem to always influence our domestic affairs. Being on top of my game in the workplace is an absolute must. I write reports and opinion pieces and participate in various consulting engagements (The Gerson Lehrman Group Councils) as a part of this group I am a independent Counsel who engages in the helping with the world's leading financial services firms, consultancies, corporations and not-for-profit institutions find, engage, build and manage their proprietary knowledge networks.