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Abdulhakem Alhajji

Environmental Engineer


Jan 2010May 2014

Environmental Management (B.S.)

Arizona State University
Jan 2010May 2014

Manufacturing Engineering (B.S.)

Arizona State University

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Environmental Engineer


Supporting the workflow of existing projects and working towards leading the multi-disciplinary delivery of environmental engineering and Impact assessment projects.

Sep 2008Apr 2009

Pre-Commissioning Instrumentation Lead Technician

Safaniyah Onshore Plants, Aramco PMT

Worked with the contractor’s engineering & design team to ensure that pre-commissioning and commissioning were performed as per Aramco Engineering standards with the highest quality of delivery. He gained experience in a wide variety of instrumentation and control systems including but not limited to Honeywell DCS, Triplex ESD, and GE/Bently-Nevada VMS.

Jan 2008Sep 2008

Shedgum Gas Plant, Aramco

Worked as a Process Control System Technician (PCST) at Shedgum Gas Plant providing cover to the instrumentation maintenance workshop. In this role he worked with the maintenance shop to perform regular tasks of Aramco PCST. This included performing Preventive Maintenance (PM) tests for H2S & LEL monitoring devises, troubleshooting and replacing failing devices.  Abdulhakem was part of the plant turnaround and shutdown team, and worked with the operation team to overcome technical issues on the site. He, also, provided technical support during Fire Alarm testing and troubleshooting.

Apr 2007Jan 2008

Instrument Technician

Abqaiq Plant, Aramco PMT

Joined the PMT as an instrument technician to assist in carrying on pre-commissioning and commissioning phase of the project. His role involved calibration of various types of instrumentation devises such as Flow FIT, Level LIT, Pressure PIT, Analyzers, Temperature TIT both conventional (4-20mA, HART) and Foundation Fieldbus. He gained experience in a wide variety of instrumentation and control systems including but not limited to: FIT, LIT, PIT, TIT, Honeywell DCS, Triplex ESD, and GE/Bently-Nevada VMS.


May 2013May 2014

Hazardous Materials & Waste Management

Arizona State University, Environmental Technology & Emergency Management

Topics included, but not limited, Waste Management, Environmental Cleanups, Radiation Management, Radon, Guidance & Policy, Forms & Applications, NIOSH , ERG2012, and TVLs & BEIs.

Mar 2014Mar 2014

40-Hr. HAZWOPER Training Course

Arizona State University, Environmental Technology & Emergency Management

A set f guidelines produced and maintained by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration which regulates hazardous waste operations and emergency services in the United States and its territories.

Aug 2012Sep 2012

Fundamental of Emergency Management (FEMA)

Emergency Management Institute, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, USA

Topics included, but limited, Risk Perception and Communication, Principal Hazards in the United States, Hazard Mitigation, Organizational Emergency Response, Emergency Management Standards and Evaluations, and International Emergency Management.


Aramco PDP*
Presidency of Meteorology & Environment

General Environmental Regulations and Rules of Implementation

Royal Commission Environmental Regulations

Volume I (Regulations & Standards), Volume II (Environmental Permit Program), and Volume III (Penalty System)

Environmental Impact Assessments

Preparing environmental assessments for national and international clients (Aramco, Royal Commission, ISACC, etc.)

Permit Application Package (PAP)

Providing PAP and Best Available Technology (BAT) assessment

Noise, Ecology, & Air Quality Survey

Conduct air quality and noise surveys and ecology walkover

Multinational Communication

Worked and studied among international communities for over 10 years


3D/2D CAD Drawings