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An internationally recognized Human Resources Analyst from the Graduate Academy of Management , United States of America seeking a position where i can work to provide excellent Personnel  management,   Talent Management , Life Coaching, Mentoring solutions including Talent Education, Cross cultural training.

Summary of Qualifications

My training has been geared toward gaining skills and experience to provide the best Talent Management solutions care for Corporates and Non Corporates firms at all levels of participation. Relevant qualifications I have acquired are:

• Bachelor of Science in Political Science (BSC) degree from the University of Lagos, with additional training in Human resources Management and Business Management from the Graduate Academy of Management , United States.

• Certification in HR Quotient 2 by the National Human Resources (HRD) Network Mumbai chapter at the Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai, India.

• Certification in Lean Six Sigma, as Lean Six Sigma Certified associate

• Effective Management Performance Based Appraisal • Integrated Competency and Learning Management Systems (ICALMs)

Life Coach


A highly motivated human resources personnel who graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and has earned a post graduate certificate in human resources management from the Graduate Academy of Management, he has received several trainings on Lean Six Sigma, ICALMS (integrated Competency and learning management system. In 2009 he was awarded a HR Quotient 2 certificate by the Indian National Human Resources (HRD) Network Mumbai chapter at the welingkar Institute of Management Matunga. Mumbai, India .

His experience working in the consulting practice at the highest level of HR management led to his work as Deployment HR Head at the Prestigious Global Company - TATA Consultancy Services in 2008, where he managed a business unit of about 800 plus employees as well managed the business requirements and staffing needs of top TATA clients account like Bank of America, Microsoft Inc., Hewlett Packard, British Petroleum e.t.c.

Folarin is an expert in Talent Management. He is an internationally recognized chattered human resources analyst and recently completed the World intellectual Property Course: WIPO IP Panorama in Johannesburg South AFRICA. In 2008 he was formerly recognized for his exceptionally performance and commitment to innovation by the Chairman of the TATA Group Ratan N Tata at the 2009 TATA innovation Award Ceremony, and during his time at the TATA consulting services India he worked with the talent acquisition Group (TAG), recruitment and talent management departments recruiting and deploying talents for their consulting projects with high performance companies and clients in Europe, Middle East and the African region - working with companies such as Bank of America, KPMG, Accenture, Microsoft Inc., UPS, British Petroleum and Epson.

Also His work with the Ajala travel company, UNESCO and AIESEC International has led him to work and interact with different professionals across geography.

He currently hold a sit on the board as the HR adviser for the Lagos Tooth Brushing Challenge been pioneered by the Guinness World of Record and Heit Solutions which is also in partnership with the College of Medicine University of Lagos, Nigeria and the Lagos State Government.

Afolarin is proficient in talent education, Training and Facilitating, Life Coaching, Leadership Management, People Management, and Cross Cultural Education. He is resourceful, adaptable and is committed to the highest levels of personal and professional excellence.

Work experience

Chief Talent Officer

Ajala Voyager TV

In this position as Chief Talent officer, I am responsible to developed the Human resource management protocol for the talent management operational activities within the organization such as Recruitment, Talent pipeline management, deployment , learning and development of executives in the organization that was recognized by the AFRICAN INVESTORS MAGAZINE as one of the 10 most promising television ventures in Africa.


  • Talent education, driving the training development of employees within the organization
  • Training induction, training of staffs on HR related functions, policies and Procedures
  • Talent pipeline development, working closely with managers to develop strategic staffing plans for the organization.
  • Manage and enhance the performance management and improvement system; coach managers, and business unit heads on how to handle performance issues
  • Talent pipeline management, ensuring the efficient and effective allocation of the right people in the right role in the organization
  • Create, help implement and coordinate organizational training and development programs for employees in the organization
  • Talent allocation, worked closely with managers on recruitment, selection and hiring process of key employees as well as ensuring the newly recruits are matched with the right type of job function.
  • Coordinated and managed the coaching, mentoring E-learning certifications for employees within the organization
Feb 2007Jul 2009

Deployment HR Head

Tata Consultancy Services

In this Position as Deployment HR Head , I was responsible for the management a business Unit with about 800 plus employees,  utilization, resource management, staffing and allocation of key clients account such as Bank of America, Accenture, Mckinsey Inc., British Petroleum, Microsoft Inc.,  Epson, Adobe e.t.c.


  • Deployment and allocation of employees across geography( offshore/onsite) Management Tata Clients account such as  KPMG, Bank of America, Mckinsey, British Petroleum, Microsoft Inc, Hewlett Packard e.t.c
  • Managed the staffing needs and closures of business requirements for the respective Tata clients
  • Training of  employees, both trainees and experienced professionals
  • Management  of  key  customers  financial  data  compilation,  data  analysis,  business  reporting  and  publishing  for respective business units across geography ( APAC, US/Europe, EMEA and Americas


Mar 2007Dec 2007

Chattered Human Resources Analyst

Graduate Academy of Management

Course of Study:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Introduction to Business Management
  • Compensation and Benefit
  • Business Ethics
  • Leadership Management
Mar 2002Oct 2007


University of Lagos

Major Course of Study:

  • International Relations 
  • Political Economy
  • Introductory to Political Science
  • Public Administration

Minor Course of Study:

  • Social Statistics
  • Sociology
  • Principles of Philosophy
  • Introduction to Law
  • Business Management