Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2013 - Present

Sports journalist

  1. Alshababiya Channel 2011
  2. Libya's international channel 2013
  3. Libya Sports Channel 2014
  4. Youth and Sports newspaper 2014 
  5. Karawan Channel 2015


Apr 2013 - Present

Tripoli University

Faculty of Arts and Media
Jun 2012

Specialized secondary

AlCott School
Engineering sciences



Use of automated MS Computer skills :

Word and Excel

- Power Point -

Internet Explorer

- Fully adapt to work within the team

- Ability to perform under pressure at work

- Enjoy a good ability to build social relationships constructive

Text Section

Training courses: -

- A course in business administration at the Ibn al-Haytham Institute

- Course in Sports Management is accredited by the Libyan Olympic Committee