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Bio Data

Gender: Male
         Marital Status:Married
               Date Of Birth: 20/01/1988
    Nationality: Kenyan


I am a highly dedicated and motivated professional who holds a Diploma in Criminology and  currently pursuing my Degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution , I have over four years’ hands on experience having worked as a law enforcement officer and government officer. I have acquired a high degree of versatility, endurance and experience in my professional work. I desire to work within a challenging and rewarding environment this will give me an opportunity to utilize my acquired.


Jun 2015Nov 2017

BA Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

Mount Kenya University
Sep 2014Apr 2015

Certificate in Community Interpreting

Kenyatta University in Partnership with university of Geneva
Jan 2009Feb 2010

Diploma In Criminology

East Africa College of Commerce & Development Studies
Jul 2009Nov 2009

Certificate in Computer Packages

Rocky Computer College (Nairobi)
Computer studies
Feb 2004Nov 2007

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

County High School
Secondary Education
Jan 1996Nov 2003

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

Garrison Primary School, Gilgil
Primary Education


  • Criminology Knowledge: An understanding of the criminal justice system from historical, sociological and legal perspectives, including current theories and research. Knowledge of the roles of state and non-state agencies in regulation and policing. The skills to explore and critically analyze criminological theories about why people commit crime.
  • Analytical Skills: The capacity to critically analyze problems, think creatively and make sound decisions while considering different sides of an argument
  • Communication Skills: Ability to follow, apply, interpret, and explain instructions and/or guidelines. I able to give full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times
  • Technological Savvy: Good command of Microsoft Office tools, word processing, data handling and processing,presentation, operating systems and internet.
  • Teamwork: The ability to debate, persuade, mediate and present your thoughts to others, as well as the capacity to recognize and incorporate other potential solutions or applications to given problems
  • Critical Thinking - Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems

Work experience

Sep 2015Present

Safety & Security Officer

CARE International In Kenya-Dadaab
R1: Responsible for the Management of the Safety and Security of CARE staffs and property within respective/allocated camp/project sites and Food Distribution Points
  • Conducting daily security checks at the camps/its environs and report to the Safety & Security Coordinator
  • Work with administration staff to ensure appropriate steps are taken to safeguard office premises, equipment and residential property (guards, locks, lighting, alarms, and fire equipment).
  • Ensure adequate supervision of the G4S security guards in the camp.
  • To continuously update the Safety & Security Coordinator or his delegate on all security incidents and information of the region.
  • To prepare camp based weekly security situation report and send to Safety & Security Coordinator or his delegate.
  • Assist the Safety & Security Coordinator in implementing Dadaab annual operation plans by  being in charge of specific camp based activities.
R2: Responsible for Gathering and Dissemination of security information
  • Gather all security information in her/his respective camp, analyze and disseminate the same to staff in the respective camp and share relevant security related information with other Implementing Partners.
  • Develop a network of contacts among local actors to facilitate CARE work and enhance the security of it operations.
  • Assist the Safety & Security Coordinator in conducting periodic and appropriate safety and security related trainings for all CARE staff in Dadaab.
  • Conduct internal investigations as will be required and give reports to the Safety & Security Coordinator
  • Liaise with Kenya police, UNHCR security, G4S, Community Self Management Security Committee, the Section/Block leaders and Incentive Workers, in order to collect security information from the community.
  • Report on a regular/daily basis to Safety and Security Coordinator or his delegated authority in order to inform operational planning and decision making. Report on critical incidents, trends, population movements, potential triggers, etc
R3: Security Management
  • Perform security assessments and physical survey in CARE camps, FDPs and project sites and submit report with recommendations to Safety & Security Coordinator
  • Work with Safety & Security Coordinator Delegated authority to develop and regularly update the Safety and Security Management Plan and tools in accordance with the nature of safety and security risks including detailed threat assessment, standard operating procedures for personal movement & transport, office, warehouse,telecommunications, incident report sheets and asset protection.
  • Promote team work and spirit through participatory leadership in the delivery of safety and security services.
  • Review safety and security procedures in consultation with Safety & Security Coordinator.
  • Implement safety and Security Policies/Procedures.
  • Supervise and enforce compliance to safety and security standards and procedures.
R4: Contingency Planning
  • Work with Safety & Security Coordinator to develop camp specific contingency plans for incidents management events such as; Accidents, ambush, car hijacking, Severe injuries and serious illness (hospitalization or medivac), Kidnapping, Death of employee, Destruction of essential assets.
  • Establish relocation and emergency evacuations plans for the camp.
  • Review periodically past experiences and practices and propose improvements based on analytical judgment.
R5: Participate in general food exercise
  • Monitor food distribution exercises and advise on issues related to safety and security.
  • Ensures proper crowd control and continuously monitor the security situation during the distribution exercise.
  • Ensures there is police presence during the food distribution and during the salary payments of the Incentive Workers.
May 2012Sep 2015

Assistant Security officer/Project Driver

Windle Trust Kenya-Dadaab
  • Ensuring security and safety of personnel and resources in Dadaab
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Maintains organization's stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements
  • Lead security mainstreaming to promote a positive security culture throughout the organization
  • Issue security passes, give directions and make security arrangements for authorized visitors
  • monitor computer alarm systems, closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems and communicate by radio with
  • mobile units to attend alarms
  • observe and report suspects to police, or apprehend offenders when appropriate and detain them until police
  • arrive.inform all staff about security situations in the area,coordinate with local authorities and other agencies o
  • security related issues and provide appropriate advice to the staff and in particular the management team
  • Develops in association with the organization's Information Security the information security policies and
  • procedures.
  • Implements the organization's information security policies and procedures.
  • Performs information security risk analysis and periodic information system activity reviews for information
  • security processes
  • Initiates, facilitates, and promotes activities to foster information security awareness within the organization.
  • Reviews all system-related information security plans throughout
Aug 2008Apr 2015

Law enforcement officer

Kenya Police Service
  • Maintaining law and order.
  • Attending to distress calls from the members of the public.
  • Investigating both criminal and petty offenses.
  • Detection and prevention of crimes.
  • Safeguarding of vital installations.
  • Security to his Excellency the President.
  • General security in form of both foot and mobile patrol
  • Helping in ant poaching projects
  • Crowd control
  • Protecting Life and Property.
  • Participating in the paramilitary drills
  • Tracing and arresting villains in rural area
  • Transporting of senior officers to their respective places of work


Jan 2015Jan 2015

United Nations Department of Safety and Security(UNDSS)
Humanitarian safety training
Jan 2015Jan 2015

Basic Security In The Field(BSITF)

United Nations Department of Safety and Security(UNDSS)
Advanced safety in humanitarian fields
Aug 2013Aug 2013

Certificate in Defensive and Evasive driver training

UNHCR (Dadaab)
Defensive and Evasive driver training
Oct 2012Oct 2012

Certificate in Human-av training module

UNI-TAR and NOVA-COM services UNHCR (Dadaab)
Certificate in Human-av training module
UNI-TAR and NOVA-COM services
UNHCR (Dadaab)
Mar 2010Apr 2010

Certificate in Defensive driving training

Kenya Police College

Police diving course

Aug 2008May 2009

Initial Recruit Training Course

GSU Training School ( Nairobi )
Police law
Field craft
Map reading
Drill and anti riot drill
Police Procedure theory
Criminal law
Communications procedure
First Aid and Hygiene
Liberal studies
Physical training


  • Reading inspiring Novels
  • Traveling
  • Driving
  • Playing Soccer and Basketball
  • Swimming


Mr. Abdi hakim Billow
Education Officer
Windle Trust Kenya
[email protected]
Telephone no: +254729507895

Mr. Mohamed Abdille
Security Officer
Kenya Equity in Education Project
[email protected]
Telephone no. 0722854125

Mrs.Shindes Shamsa
Inspector Of Police
CID headquarters
[email protected]
Telephone no,0727337380