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Professional level in geology with all different areas (geophysics, geostatistics...), serious experience in oil and geotechnical sectors and a professional diploma in QHSE

Work Experience

July 2015Dec 2015

Seller and stock manager


Sale and lines activation

Sale and maintenance of computer accessories

Wholesale and retail stock management

Mar 2015Jun 2015

Engineer internship

Thyna Petroleum Services

Final project: Reinterpretation of a well - Problems and finding solutions

Work with Division teams to integrate log, core, seismic, geologic and engineering data to better understand and quantify the hydrocarbon resource and support the evaluation pores, fluid saturation and behavior (Determination and integration of reservoir properties in reservoir models and conducting petrophysical analysis to better understand and quantify the resource).

Reservoir simulation modelling: sensitivity analysis, Drill Stem Testing match, development optimization, history matching, forecasting using softwares as IP and PETREL.

Interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data covering the reservoir to show up the reservoir thickness and faults.
Work using MDT to show the well's behavior and find solutions to improve production.

Training in Ultrasonic Borehole Imager to characterize all well's fractures and porosities.

Aug 2014

Engineer internship

TechnoSol: Analyzes and tests on soil and materials

Project study of the highway Mednin-Ras jedir

Geotechnical services investigate the engineering properties and geologic characteristics of nearsurface soils, rocks and construction materials to manage subsurface and materials uncertainty.Control and monitoring of repair sliding points.

  • Study of sliding points.
  • Stable foundations.
  • Calculation of bearing capacity and foundation settlement.
  • Numerical modeling of geotechnical problems.
Jul 2013

Workman internship

  • Tubular Running Services
  • Liner Hanger

Drilling in various formation, performance drilling, directional drilling, Hole opener, multilateral drilling, extended reach drilling, horizontal drilling, 3D and 2D well, open hole sidetrack ,cement plug sidetrack, low and high angle well, whipstock orienting, hydraulic, torque and drag, bit selection and optimization, hole problem and prevention, anti-collision well, directional drilling equipment.

  • Completion

Tension and Lock set Mechanical Packers, Hydraulic Packers, Inflatable Packers and Plugs, Retrievable Bridge Plugs, cast iron bridge plugs and cement retainers - conveyed on either wireline or pipe. Also Composite plugs and Composite pumpdown plugs (horizontal). Dual Frac Packers. Ran tools for Acidizing, Frac Jobs, Stage Jobs, Completions/Workovers and Sqeeze jobs.Ran Liner Systems.

  • Fishing

Unsticking and Fishing out Drill strings that were differentially stuck using Test tools to unstick.



Engineering geosciences

Faculty of sciences of Tunis

Preparatory cycle in Biology and Geology

Faculty of sciences of Sfax


  • Arabic (Native)
  • English (IELTS: 5.5)
  • French (TCF: B2)

IT skills

  • PETREL, Inetractive Petrophysics
  • Surfer, ArcGis
  • Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Access), 




Mediatique center

ISO 9001 (V2015), ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

First aid

Fire fighting

Sep 2014

New Employee Safety Training (NEST)