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Oct 2009Present


Assiut University

Thesis Title:

"Flash Flood Simulation at Wadi Qena, Eastern Desert, Egypt"

Master Courses:

1st Semester

  1. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Grade: Excellent)
  2. Introduction to Environ. Geosciences (Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere)(Grade: Very Good)
  3. Remote Sensing & Image Processing (Grade: Excellent)
  4. Information Technology and Statistics (Grade: Very Good)
  5. Principals of Environmental Chemistry (Grade: Excellent)
  6. Environmental Biosphere (Aquatic Ecosystems, Microbiology)(Grade: Excellent)
2nd Semester 
  1. Environmental Analytical Chemistry (Grade: Very Good)
  2. Applied Geochemistry (Grade: Very Good)
  3. Hydrogeology (Grade: Very Good)
  4. Drinking Water Treatment and Technology (Grade: Very Good)
  5. Waste Water Treatment and Technology (Grade: Good)
  6. Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Technology (Grade: Very Good)
  7. Air Pollution Monitoring & Control (Grade: Excellent)
  8. Solid Waste Management & Treatment Techniques (Grade: Excellent)

3rd Semester

  1. Ground Water Hydrology (Grade: Very Good)
  2. Ground Water Modeling (Grade: Excellent)
  3. GIS & Remote Sensing in Water Resources (Grade: Excellent)
  4. Water Quality Modeling (Grade: Excellent)
  5. System Approach to Water Management (Management of Water use and re-use)(Grade: Excellent)
  6. Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment  (Grade: Very Good)
  7. Social, Political and Economic Analysis Related to Water Resources (Grade: Excellent)

With general grade (89.92%)



Assuit University

General Grade: Very Good (77.77%)

Graduation project: Zeolites and their application (Physical Chemistry)

Work experience



  • Creative
  • Self-motivated
  • Reliable
  • Dynamic
  • Good with deadlines
  • Can work alone or in teams

Computer Skills:

  • Good FORTRAN Programmer
  • Great with MS Office
  • Internet
  • Windows Operating System
  • Photoshop



Surfing the Internet

Playing& Watching foot ball Matches




I am seeking an interesting and challenging job, where my background, experience, and skills could in hydrology or chemistry may be utilized and improved.

Conferences& Symposium

M.Abdel-Fattah, M. Saber, Bakheit. A. A Extended abstract "Flash Flood Simulation Using Physical-Based Model at Wadi Qena Eastern Desert, Egypt" The 2nd JE-HydroNet symposium on the Nile River system and the Delta of Egypt, 2012.


International Computer Driving License

Ministry of Communication and information technology
May 2011Present

Application of Remote Sensing in Mineral Exploration

Assiut University
Mar 2011Present

3D Geological and Hydrogeological Modeling with Groundwater Management Aspects

Assiut University
Jul 2007Present

Summer Training for Oil Refining Proccess and Quality Control

Assuit Oil Refining Company
Aug 2008Present

Computer Aided Drug Design Using MOE Software

Assiut University
Aug 2007Present

Summer Training for Cement Industry

Jul 2008Present

Customer Service

Elite Egypt for Training& Consulting
Apr 2011Present

Chemical Dose Optimization at Drinking Water Treatment Plants

Jul 2008Present

Presentation skills

Elite Egypt for Training& Consulting
Jul 2008Present

Arranging your Life

Elite Egypt for Training& Consulting
Jan 2011Present

Drinking Water Treatment Process

Cairo Co. for Drinking Water& Sanitation
Sep 2011Present

Training of Trainers (TOT)



Mohamed Saber