Oct 2009 - Present


Assiut University

Thesis Title:

"Flash Flood Simulation at Wadi Qena, Eastern Desert, Egypt"

Master Courses:

1st Semester

  1. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Grade: Excellent)
  2. Introduction to Environ. Geosciences (Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere)(Grade: Very Good)
  3. Remote Sensing & Image Processing (Grade: Excellent)
  4. Information Technology and Statistics (Grade: Very Good)
  5. Principals of Environmental Chemistry (Grade: Excellent)
  6. Environmental Biosphere (Aquatic Ecosystems, Microbiology)(Grade: Excellent)
2nd Semester 
  1. Environmental Analytical Chemistry (Grade: Very Good)
  2. Applied Geochemistry (Grade: Very Good)
  3. Hydrogeology (Grade: Very Good)
  4. Drinking Water Treatment and Technology (Grade: Very Good)
  5. Waste Water Treatment and Technology (Grade: Good)
  6. Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Technology (Grade: Very Good)
  7. Air Pollution Monitoring & Control (Grade: Excellent)
  8. Solid Waste Management & Treatment Techniques (Grade: Excellent)

3rd Semester

  1. Ground Water Hydrology (Grade: Very Good)
  2. Ground Water Modeling (Grade: Excellent)
  3. GIS & Remote Sensing in Water Resources (Grade: Excellent)
  4. Water Quality Modeling (Grade: Excellent)
  5. System Approach to Water Management (Management of Water use and re-use)(Grade: Excellent)
  6. Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment  (Grade: Very Good)
  7. Social, Political and Economic Analysis Related to Water Resources (Grade: Excellent)

With general grade (89.92%)



Assuit University

General Grade: Very Good (77.77%)

Graduation project: Zeolites and their application (Physical Chemistry)

Work experience

Work experience



  • Creative
  • Self-motivated
  • Reliable
  • Dynamic
  • Good with deadlines
  • Can work alone or in teams

Computer Skills:

  • Good FORTRAN Programmer
  • Great with MS Office
  • Internet
  • Windows Operating System
  • Photoshop



Surfing the Internet

Playing& Watching foot ball Matches




I am seeking an interesting and challenging job, where my background, experience, and skills could in hydrology or chemistry may be utilized and improved.

Conferences& Symposium

M.Abdel-Fattah, M. Saber, Bakheit. A. A Extended abstract "Flash Flood Simulation Using Physical-Based Model at Wadi Qena Eastern Desert, Egypt" The 2nd JE-HydroNet symposium on the Nile River system and the Delta of Egypt, 2012.



International Computer Driving License

Ministry of Communication and information technology
May 2011 - Present

Application of Remote Sensing in Mineral Exploration

Assiut University
Mar 2011 - Present

3D Geological and Hydrogeological Modeling with Groundwater Management Aspects

Assiut University
Jul 2007 - Present

Summer Training for Oil Refining Proccess and Quality Control

Assuit Oil Refining Company
Aug 2008 - Present

Computer Aided Drug Design Using MOE Software

Assiut University
Aug 2007 - Present

Summer Training for Cement Industry

Jul 2008 - Present

Customer Service

Elite Egypt for Training& Consulting
Apr 2011 - Present

Chemical Dose Optimization at Drinking Water Treatment Plants

Jul 2008 - Present

Presentation skills

Elite Egypt for Training& Consulting
Jul 2008 - Present

Arranging your Life

Elite Egypt for Training& Consulting
Jan 2011 - Present

Drinking Water Treatment Process

Cairo Co. for Drinking Water& Sanitation
Sep 2011 - Present

Training of Trainers (TOT)




Mohamed Saber