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  • Address: 20 avenue Albert Einstein                         Batiment F 325             69100 Villeurbanne
  • Tel:(international) 0033 (0)6 6560 6382

Abdelaziz Miyara


Third year master’s student in (computing and network management / telecommunications and computing) on an integrated work and study programme, with:

  • Excellent communication skills in French, Arabic and English.
  • Experience of project management in game building, project managing and electronic system building.



CPE Lyon department of electronics third year of higher education

Majors: Mathematics,Physics,Electronics,Informatics Minors:Economics,English,Spanish Options:Management 


           Developing a strategy game (the game Quarto) with C computing language

                  Acquired skills: design of a playable game respecting the customer’s needs.

            Developing a strategy game (the game Siam) with C computing language

                  Acquired skills: design a complex game respecting the specifications, group project

            Study and creation of an Electronic meteorological system.

                  Acquired skills: VHDL, Design and implementation of an electronic system

            Design of a system assisting partially-sighted people.

                  Acquired skills: Manage a workgroup, creating a business start-up, marketing

            Graduation expected in 2019 at MSc level


Institution Henri Poincare ‘Classes Préparatoires’ 

2 years higher education science and mathematics in preparation for competitive entry exams to ‘Grandes Ecoles’ (French high-level schools of science and engineering).  
Jun 2013

Scientific baccalaureate

Lycée Al Jabr in Morocco

French high school leaving diploma, passed with honors 


Internship  in architect's office

salesman in the family company.

Diamantissimo Morocco


Languages: Arabic

                                                                                             native speaker





 ICT:               VHDL
                         C programming
                             HTTP & CSS


                              Microsoft Office