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Work experience


Sep 2010Jul 2014

Bachelors Degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE

Ain Shams University
  • Department: Computer Science, Graduation Year: 2014
  • Degree: Bachelor Degree Of Computer Science
  • Good
Sep 1997Jul 2010

Modern School


Visual Studio
Java SE


  • ISBN Check Sum (Assembly Language)
  • Processor Design (Pipelined & non-pipelined using Xilinx)
  • Handwritten Digit Recognition (C#)
  • AES & DES Encryption-Decryption on text files (C#)
  • Handwritten Digit Recognition (Neural Network Approach)
  • Tiny C Compiler (C#)
  • Mobile Credit Auto Recharge (C#)
  • Image Processing Package (C#)

Graduation Project

Arabic Programming Language (ضاد)

Our graduation project was about making an Arabic programming language 

it consists of two main stages

Front end : scanner , parser ,semantic analysis and intermediate representation

Back end : optimization and code generation

Used Tools :

  • Sharp Develop
  • Avalon Edit
  • Antlr parser generator
  • C#

Graduation project Degree: Very Good


- Algorithms

- Data Structure

- Assembly

- Software Engineering

- Information System

- System Analysis And Design

- Theory Of Computation

- Automata

- Neural Network

- Artificial Intelligence

- Image Processing

- Pattern Recognition 

- Object Oriented Programming

Personal Information

  • Date of Birth: 14-3-1992
  • Place of Birth: Cairo
  • Place of residence: Cairo
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Marital status: Single
  • Military Status: Exempted


  • Arabic: Native Language
  • English: Very Good