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Abdalaziz Khaled Mahmoud Khaled

System Adminstrator and VOIP system engineer



Seeking to join challenging position for international organization which effectively sharpens my previous experience as a system admin and also delivering business benefits in day to day decisions and contribute the success of the organization accordingly.  



MISE Management Information system English

B.S.C. Information Technology-Modern Academy in Maadi

Graduation Project Grade: very Good

Graduation project (Web Site).

Work experience


System Admin

Elsaba Auto Service

1.troubleshooting of hardware,software and printers. installation (NVR-DVR).

3.Airmax connection  between two sites.

4. Elastix servers installation with FXO card and the installation with PRI/E1 card,configuration and editing reports and the main features in it.

5.Network modifications and troubleshooting.

6.create connection between two servers to be able to make calls from anywhere.

7.troubleshooting of the UPS.

8.troubleshooting of the Microsoft office.

9.Domain troubleshooting.


System Admin and Engineer VOIP System

  1. Checking,troubleshooting and resolving any issues in the computers hardware and software.
  2. Domain admin (Active directory- DHCP-DNS-GPO)
  3. Firewall (Admin user) hardware sonic wall software (TMG).
  4. VPN user( TMG).
  5. responsible of the File server (restore,backup for the shared folders) Admin user.
  6. Responsible of the deployment server also handling the windows installation and all other programs.
  7. WSUS windows server responsible of updating the system on pc's (Admin user)
  8. VOIP (Asterix-Elastix) server admin user ,troubleshooting and installation.
  9. Modifying and adding  any new servers and services on the network cables and switches and routing to make tasks easier knowing each and every port output  and input.
  10. PRI system troubleshooting & admin user (Egypt telecom).
  11. Troubleshooting all electricity generators working on Gas. 

IT Help Desk and system Admin

BTEC (Ben Laden Group)
  1. Responsible of the routing ,switching,configuration and troubleshooting .
  2. Responsible of checking on other devices such as printers (Xerox and the lager ones too).
  3. Responsible  of the configurations to the CISCO phones and the troubleshooting too.

IT Support.

Afaq (Ben Laden Group)
  1. Checking and resolving any issues in the computers hardware and software
  2. Received training on how to use windows server 2008 (Active directory DHCP-DNS-GPO)
  3. Received all the knowledge needed on how to use firewall installation and implementation (ISA server)
  4. Responsible of the constant checking on the server room and the network to check the temperature degree and if it's working in the right way or not.




Excellent user of the internet

All Microsoft windows XP/ vista/w7.....etc

Windows 2003.2008.2012

Microsoft office aplication such as word,excel Access, Power point,presentation and front page.


Active directory.


TMG&ISA&GFI firewall server.

Exchange server.

VOIP Elastix server (call center dialer)

Internet Application

Software/Hardware knowledge.

Network design and implementation.

Microsoft Excel-word-power point-internet-windows-front page 2000- Microsoft access.


English: V.Good

Arabic:Mother tongue






Personal Information

Date of birth: 11/1/1988

Nationality: Egyptian

Marital status: Single

Military status:Exempted