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One of the biggest catalog companies in the United States, abc Distributing recognizes the importance of sustainable business practices. Abc Distributing keeps a green future in mind while designing its processes. It procures paper from suppliers that comply with federal, state, and local environmental and forestry laws. Additionally, abc Distributing partners with mills that enforce sustainable forest management practices, meet supply chain management standards, and continually reduce their energy consumption and environmental emissions. In publishing its catalogs, abc Distributing uses Enviro/Tech inks and develops relationships with printers that show a commitment to environmental preservation. The company has shifted toward increased electronic marketing to cut back on paper waste. 

Because abc Distributing ships many products, the company has introduced environmentally friendly shipping materials and packaging processes. The company uses plain bags and boxes to avoid the use of harmful inks and excessive waste. Abc Distributing has recycled all of its worn corrugated cardboard cartons for years, leading to the reclamation of 5000 tons of cardboard annually. More than 75 percent of its shipping cartons are made from 100 percent recycled fiber. abc Distributing’s loose fill packaging is also 100 percent recycled materials. 

Abc Distributing has also implemented recycling and conservation efforts in its offices, to further enhance its commitment to green practices. The company promotes recycling programs for mixed paper, corrugated cardboard, toner and ink cartridges, office supplies and equipment, and aluminum. Furthermore, abc Distributing provides free transportation to and from metro transit stations for employees, and invests in methods that reduce paper waste.