Work experience

Work experience
2008 - Present


AspenBeach Consulting

We provide the assessment clients need. Some companies require a complete re-evaluation of their human resources function. Others just need targeted enhancements. That is why we offer assessments that are scalable to each organization's particular needs.

We manage risk and proactively deliver solutions. Our focus is to identify areas of risk as well as opportunity to improve and then determine the most advantageous means of addressing those areas. Often, we can bring the appropriate solution to bear by utilizing already proven methods. And when a custom solution is required, we draw upon our own creativity and years of experience meeting similar challenges. Just as important, we employ preventative best practices to mitigate potential issues and associated costs. We welcome the opportunity to put our proven HR expertise to work for our clients. We invite you to learn about the professional who will be serving you personally, the range of services we offer, case histories that demonstrate the kind of creative solutions we deliver, and how we can help you fulfill your own HR potential. Employee Relations Training, Development, Union Avoidance, and Investigations

  • EEO and disciplinary investigations and reports
  • Harassment Prevention Programs & Training Workshops (AB 1825)
  • Leadership and Managerial Coaching and Training

Career, Entrepreneurial and Business Coaching and Development

  • Personalized professional career coaching
  • Latest strategies to effective networking, including using the Social Media
  • Resume building to achieve powerful personal branding
  • Developing individual career marketing plans to maximize career potential
  • Key strategies to be successful in career transitions
  • Entrepreneurial, start-up and business coaching 

Talent Management

  • Executive & Managerial Recruiting (Finding the 'right who' to fit the corporate culture)
  • On-Boarding Programs
  • Downsizing Strategies and Process Development

Outsourced HR Administration (temporary or part-time)

  • Provides temporary or part-time HR administration for organizations in transition
  • Provides strategic and tactical planning assessments of HR needs for organizations
  • Training for in-house HR staffs to become strategic partners with business

Compensation & Benefits

  • Compensation Analysis Reports for Market and Pay-for-Performance Accuracy
  • Development of the Company "Pay Policy"
  • Comprehensive Benefit Plan Analysis and Plan Recommendations

Risk Management

  • Employment Claim Prevention Training and "How to humanely and effectively terminate without claims" Training
  • Wage & Hour Compliance Assessment and Remedial Reports
  • Employee Handbooks and Policies

Performance Management/Succession Planning

  • Development and Implementation of Performance and Employee Recognition Programs linked to drive results
  • Development of Key Position Succession Plans


2006 - 2008

Regional Director of Human Resources

SelectBuild Construction (now know as BMCSelect)

Led strategic regional HR initiatives to build people programs and organizational infrastructure of was once a $1.2B construction services company (subsidiary of NYSE parent org-BLGM).  3500 non-union employees in 8 division offices (all through acquisitions).

  • Built ‘customer focused’ HR team in operating units with limited resources;
  • With compassion and dignity, successfully downsized during my tenure over 50% of workforce with "0" employment claims during early phase of homebuilding meltdownturn; 
  • Guided management successfully through the maze of immigration rules & reform uncertainty with our predominant Hispanic labor force; and
  • Established high credibility of Regional HR role by partnering with senior leaders and business unit operations by providing persuasive HR leadership during troubled economic cycle.

* Since 2008, the company imploded and ultimately filed Chapter 11 Reorganization. In January 2010, a new entity called BMCSelect emerged as a private company from bankruptcy.

BMC Select

2001 - 2006

Vice President of Human Resources

Southland Industries

Partnered with CEO and leadership team while heading 5-member HR team in “good to great place to work” strategic people initiatives of a $300M, 1500+ employee [union], multi-office design-build engineering, construction & maintenance company. 

Scope of HR:  OD & Change Management; Succession Planning; Employee Relations, Comp & Benefits; Payroll; Training; Performance & Rewards; Talent Management; Leadership Coaching; Compliance, EEO Claims & Outside Legal.

  • Implemented new recruiting & retention strategies to target top design-build engineers, project managers & sales positions. Result: Increased our D-B engineering capability in 4 major divisions resulting in achieving 95%D-B projects.
  • Facilitated culture change initiatives. Result: Converted dependence on awarding company cars/allowances as a “perk” to a “business tool necessary for the job.”
  • Partnered with leadership to implement key talent retention plans due to closure of 3 division offices.  Result: 80% retention & “0” employment claims.
  • Developed new strategic total compensation & performance management program Result: Base pay became a “neutral” retention issue; performance dominated pay decisions; improved position in competitive market without impacting  profit margins.
  • Designed & administered innovative 501 (c) (3) college scholarship programs for children of Southland employees.  Result: Raised $150k in year 1 donations. Awarded $50k in scholarships.  Goal:  an endowed fund.

Southland Industries

1996 - 2001

Vice President of Human Resources


Reported to two Company Presidents of a $2B global A&E professional design services firm specializing in architecture, engineering, technology and construction facilities management. Rebuilt the HR team of 10 and with a $1.2M HR budget, provided full-scope of HR services to 2500+ employees in 35+ global offices.

  • Led 3 comprehensive pre & post-merger HR due diligence project teams.
    • Result: Successful staff integration of diverse corporate cultures and systems & processes with minimal loss of quality employees.
  • Strategized with senior managers to develop & implement global pay & performance based total compensation programs.
    • Result: Competitively able to attract & retain key talent operating in diverse global project regions overcoming local condition & cost-of-living challenges.
  • Improved manager training & communications programs to provide employees with more timely accurate information on company changes.
    • Result: Program contributed to reduction in turnover by 15%
  • Saved company thousands $$ in employment claims with proactive, effective conflict resolution techniques and skilled "good faith" investigation programs.
  • Analyzed troubled benefit premium billing system and initiated new billing process.
    • Result: Obtained $500K in premium overcharge rebates from providers.


1995 - 1996

Director of Alumni Network and Career Development

Loyola Law School - Los Angeles

Reported to Dean of Advancement of nationally ranked law school in interesting organizational cultural mix of Jesuit leaders and legal academia.

  • Created and implemented innovative recruiting marketing program for alumni and new graduates with California businesses seeking legal candidates for non-traditional legal career positions.
    • Result: 22% increase in graduates and alumni locating new positions; increased alumni giving to law school by 10%; expanded reach of career services into non-traditional career opportunities and contacts

Loyola Law School



Bachelor of Arts

University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA Honor Senior [1 of 28 Seniors selected out of over 3500 seniors] - in recognition for service, scholarship and contributions to the University.