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Freelance writer, editor, social media strategist, and food & wine influencer

Work experience

April 1, 2017December 1, 2017

Director of Social Media

Doctor Rogers
  • Marketing director (consultant basis) for the physician-created, healing beauty line Restore (no relation to my other client) - I single-handedly grew their Instagram following from 572 to 7200 in eight months, took over their newsletter planning and execution, and upstarted their blogger joint venture program. I executed a holiday giveaway that took her email database from less than three hundred to more than three thousand, and the Twitter page from about 200 to more than 1200.
  • Created all copy and strategy for customer funnel to keep current clients loyal and win back dormant clients, and run all social media ads to make social media "fans" into "customers."
  • Manage a modest budget for online advertising (Facebook, Instagram) to maximize ROI and CPP.
Sept. 2015Sept. 2017

Director of Social Impact

Restore mineral supplement
  • Marketing director at fast-growing startup - I upstarted their blogger joint venture program; took over a 3,000-follower social media program and made it into a 30,000-strong one in less than 18 months; traveled to several natural foods Expos and fairs, where I tirelessly made high-level contacts for future joint ventures and blog promos; wrote newsletter copy and campaigns.
  • Used our social media muscle to develop a strong customer funnel starting with our social media platforms, and moving them over to MailChimp via Facebook and Instagram, where they entered into targeted funnels to keep them loyal to the Restore family and products.
  • Managed a strong budget for online advertising (Facebook, Instagram, and AdRoll retargeting) to maximize ROI and CPP.
Dec 2013Present

Food/Wine/Beauty Freelance Social Media Consultant

The Final Word

Tireless founder of Final Word content development, social media, and marketing agency.

  • Food and wine Instagram influencer (25,000+ followers). Published campaigns with Winc Wine Club, Winestyr Wine Club, the ultra-exclusive Signature Sonoma event, Napa's Chardonnay Lodge, Moet Hennessy in Paris, FR and many more.
  • Develop and maintain social media campaigns for a wide range of clients, curation of public image by a nationally recognized media professional, rapid increase in followings, key strategies for turning social media "fans" into "customers," creation of customer funnels for better customer retention.
  • Creative Digital Publishing projects with big brands such as Sony, Expedia, StubHub, ElJet private jets, and Swagbucks, including enthusiastically planning itineraries for contest winners in a nationwide contest I helped run, contributing to large-scale social media campaigns, creating an exciting online photo portfolio, and writing all of the copy/designing itineraries for an exclusive app promo.
  • Use my extensive Vegas, travel, and food & wine knowledge to pitch, plan and write online content for companies including Caesars Entertainment, Robb Report, Viator, The Purist,, and Huffington Post (official blogger). I also wrote a feature on Vegas for a recent Maxim magazine cover story.
  • I love helping small businesses and put on many hats to do so! I've executed many social media and online marketing strategies, including dramatically growing audiences (I guarantee 500 new followers on Instagram per month!), ghost-writing blog posts (I'm a nationally recognized professional journalist), creating newsletter campaigns to record ROI, and placing and prepping owners for interviews - using my years of experience as an editor and TV/radio interviewee. Clients include Indian Leap Winery, McEvoy Ranch winery and skincare line, Check Please! food & wine TV host Cat DeOrio, Wyatt Lily luxury kids clothing boutique (and personal guidance for celebrity owner Rachel Uchitel - Wyatt Lily's Instagram has gone from 300 followers to more than 25k under my care), the fast-growing "healthy gut" mineral company Restore (4000 new Instagram followers in a year; Facebook grew from 3,000 to 20,000 in a year and a half), Bronzed Tanning (tanner to the stars), BuyologyIQ marketing agency, Blue Parrot marketing agency, Doctor Rogers skincare, and brand-new spas via Spa Innovations, among many others.
Nov 2008Present


All Star Reports
  • Co-owner of an enterprising, unique boutique celebrity news agency that matches information on Hollywood stars with the needs of foreign entertainment publications. First of its kind !
  • Manage up to nine reporters - and edit 100% of their copy - for the sales of feature articles and news pieces in more than 25 of the largest newspapers and magazines in UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, including Grazia, Heat, Look, Closer, Star UK, News of the World, Woman’s Day, More, Voici, The Sun, and Women’s Weekly.
May 2000Present


  • No matter how busy I get with other projects, I always make time for new and exciting freelance assignments - with an emphasis on local coverage. I love being involved! I've written about Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino and other California wine regions, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and southern California for publications including Robb Report, Los Angeles Confidential, Napa Sonoma, and Huffington Post, where I have a travel and entertainment blog. I've also written for Marie Claire, Glamour, Saveur, Modern Luxury Hawaii, Women’s Wear Daily, Star, Life & Style, The Miami Herald, Vegas Inc, Metro (UK), Maxim magazine, and many more.
Aug 2010Aug 2013

Editor in Chief

Vegas magazine
  • Vegas magazine will always have a piece of my heart! I enjoyed a wonderful, tremendously fulfilling three years at the helm of this gorgeous luxury magazine.
  • Published eight issues a year, including creating detailed issue plans from story idea to layout and photo shoot, plus all assigning and editing.
  • Oversaw a major redesign in content to make it a richer, meatier read.
  • Worked closely (via an extremely close relationship with both) with the publisher and marketing director to ensure that all social media, events and partners were on-brand for our luxury publication with its audited, affluent audience.
  • Used my experience at national magazines to create a regional one at that level, which required major transformation of local copy, re-writing, and additional reporting.
  • Tirelessly worked contacts and attended events to keep on top of ideas for dining, philanthropy, real estate, culture and features, including a fascinating round-table of seven Vegas master sommeliers, a backstage look at the dressers who take care of costumes from couture (headliners) to aerodynamic (Cirque du Soleil), and a piece on local art collectors of which the Smithsonian requested copies.
  • Arranged profiles on local luminaries such as (Nobu restaurant and hotel owner) Robert De Niro, former Mayor Oscar Goodman, entertainer Clint Holmes, Cosmopolitan CEO John Unwin, Michelin-starred chef Guy Savoy, (Nevada’s longest-serving governor) Bob Miller, and entertainers CeeLo, Martina McBride, Bill Maher, Michael Jordon, and Carlos Santana.
  • Transformed magazine from one that relied on lower level models for the covers to one that instead featured local icons. Secured exclusive cover subjects such as Tom Ford, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and Steve Carell.
Sep 2000Nov 2002


New York magazine
  • Pitched and wrote small news items and reported for many large features, including the most September 11th coverage of any reporter, and many others. I owe this fantastic job and my brilliant bosses for setting the tone for my career - hard work and passion pay off!
Nov 2002Oct 2003


Us Weekly
  • Was part of the original team of reporters and editors who turned the monthly Us Magazine into Us Weekly with the famed Bonnie Fuller.
  • Learned the definition of "working late" and being part of a tight-knit team.
  • Cultivated sources via on-the-ground reporting, honed red carpet skills, and wrote small features.
Jan 2007Jul 2007


  • My first editor-in-chief role at the age of 29.
  • Edited, designed, and single-handedly managed the hip, sophisticated monthly magazine distributed in Vegas, LA and Phoenix.
Jul 2007Jun 2008

Senior Managing Editor

  • Threw myself into transforming 944 from a nightlife-only monthly into an edgier, hipper go-to destination for fashion, local happenings, nightlife, and travel.
  • Managed team of more than 30 people in seven cities, including seven managing editors.
  • Worked with the sales team to increase magazine from 97 pages to 250, plus inserts. Re-defined the tradition of dropping a magazine on the table to see how loud the "thump" was (more ads means more edit pages means a heavier book!).
  • Increased circulation by 25 percent.
  • Planned every issue and assigned and edited all of the stories.
Nov 2005Oct 2008

West Coast News Director and Las Vegas Editor

In Touch Weekly

West Coast News Director. LA

  • The adrenaline rush of breaking news! Generated a constant flow of ideas, worked sources for stories, followed tips, ran multiple teams of reporters, wrote copy, and broke news stories, including many cover stories.

Las Vegas Editor, LV

  • Met "everyone" in Vegas in record time in order to cultivate dozens of dedicated sources and reporters.
  • Broke huge international stories, including that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were going to Africa to have their first child, which was picked up by every national entertainment news show, and then that she had been born via C-section. That story was the only time Perez Hilton ever gave credit to a reporter on his web site, with a “Congratulations AT on the scoop of the year” banner that ran all day.
  • Organized all red carpet coverage, including huge major industry events like MTV’s VMA awards and Academy of Country Music awards.