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Abbey Jackson

iOS Developer

Curious, motivated, passionate and driven iOS developer with a keen eye for detail and concern for high quality work and full testing. Enjoy working directly with product and design, being a part of planning and new feature development, and being on a great team of developers from multiple disciplines. 

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I have multiple written endorsements for iOS available on  LinkedIn



  • Strong Swift skills with 2.5 years native Swift application development, moderate Objective-C skills
  • 1.5 years BLE (Bluetooth) experience with Intel's Vaunt AR Glasses
  • Debugging
  • Unit, Integration and Functional testing
  • Extensive Realm experience
  • Reactive Swift
  • MVC, MVVM, Flow Coordinator architecture capabilities
  • Dependency injection
  • Protocol Oriented Programming and mocking
  • Feature and App Architecture planning, design, and implementation


  • Autonomous driven individual
  • 15 years leadership, training, and mentoring experience
  • Co-located and Cross-Platform team lead
  • Agile and Waterfall software development planning experience
  • User Experience knowledge, able to work with design teams effectively
  • Compassionate caring leader
  • Understand business needs and coordinate with Product to meet requirements

Work experience


iOS Developer, Intel Corporation, NDG Group (Vancouver, BC)

Companion and Mapping apps for Vaunt AR Glasses
  • Reactive MVVM iOS app development and protocol based testing 
  • New project architecture design, component and controller design
  • Consume internal API and communicate with offsite team to identify bugs
  • Assist my team with learning new architecture patterns and frameworks
  • Working with in-development BLE wearables 
  • Feature ownership includes collaborating with device firmware and application SDK  developers to design and implement features across application layers
  • Mentorship, training and onboarding for new team members
  • Team lead duties: bug triage, sprint planning, releases when required

iOS Developer, Metova (Franklin, TN -- remote)

Apps for and Takl
  • New project development in Swift, legacy project updates and bugfixes on Objective-C projects
  • Involved with new developers via mentoring, code review, and writing training documents
  • Organize monthly hangouts for the remote workers where we talk about topics relevant to our unique work situation and am the unofficial greeter of all new remote workers.
  • Contribute to company blog and cocoapod publications

Junior iOS Developer, eBuyNow (Victoria, BC)

  • Built functional test suite using the KIF framework for a large international IoT security app.

Post Partum Doula and Household Manager (MB and BC)

  • Specialized training in early childhood development through DONA Int
  • Support and guidance for new parents
  • University job which turned into a passionate career

IFR Air Traffic Control, NavCanada (Winnipeg, MB)

  • Radar control for inbound and outbound IFR level aircraft


Feb 2017July 2017

President and Founder, CodeDoesGood

CodeDoesGood is a Canadian based Internationally operating non-profit which uses volunteer mentors to guide new developers as they create software projects for other non-profits at extremely low cost. CodeDoesGood is a volunteer run organization. Originally thought of as a small way to help new developers and non-profits, we had 150 developers, mentors, and business volunteers apply in the first couple weeks after I introduced the organization and explained our mission to the tech community.

  • Generated and set up company infrastructure, policies, procedures, and documentation
  • Developed training and recruitment procedures and materials
  • Recruited and set up a 7 member Board of Directors

Major Projects

Consumer Facing

Intel - Several apps supporting the Vaunt AR Glasses 

  • Companion app which connects, controls, and sends data to BLE glasses (wearable) 
  • Protocol based MVVM set up with Reactive Swift and full unit test suite
  • Stand alone mapping app with location and directions consuming HERE Maps API

Takl - The "Uber" for chores, on demand home services app matching customers to providers.

  • Over 100K downloads from the Apple AppStore while the project was under my ownership
  • Heavy integration with a backend
  • Provider location tracking, notifications, background services
  • Initially on a team of three, then as lead developer working with the clients' own junior iOS developer. Swift

Built For This Baby - A companion healthy recipe app for a woman's pregnancy

  • Recipes are revealed to the woman throughout her pregnancy via notifications
  • Backend managed by self hosted parse server
  • Lead on a team of two. Swift 
         *sourcecode available upon request Tax Refund Calculator - Streamlined single view tax return estimation app.

  • Clean one page interface using advanced swift enums
  • Team of two. Swift

Older Enterprise Apps

Danger Tree Assessment. On site danger assessment and reporting app for BC Wildfires first responders, digitizing the current lengthy paper based process. Lead initially on a team of two, eventually solo developer, bootcamp project. Objective-C
     *sourcecode available on Github

Canuck Autism Network Incident Reporting. Incident reporting app for use by CAN volunteers at community events. Completed during a charity hackathon, solo developer. Objective-C.

Yoga Sol Student Sign-InA self service student sign in and payment iPad app for a yoga studio in Minneapolis. Lead on a team of two. Objective-C.

Open Source Contributions

Guide to XCode's UITest. Comprehensive write up on the at the time undocumented UITest

Thundercats and SwiftCats (not yet released). Cocoapods containing common helper functions, open sourced to the community by Metova.

Awesome iOS Learning Resources. Github repo of learning resources such as courses, podcasts, communities and blogs

Anxiety Research. Demo app integrating Health Kit with Research Kit



iOS Development Diploma, Lighthouse Labs (Vancouver, BC)

  • Full-time iOS Development bootcamp in Objective-C

Foundation Year, 2D & 3D Art, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (The Netherlands)

  • 2D painting, life drawing, 3D model making, print making, photography

Mechanical Engineering, University of Manitoba

  • Excelled in AutoCAD, thermodynamics, physics (mechanics), critical thinking (logic). Left without degree to pursue Air Traffic Control.