Protiviti Business Consulting

I have worked with clients engaged in manufacturing, knowledge processing outsourcing, business process outsourcing and professional services in the following areas:-

Post and Pre merger strategies

  • Conducted Pre and Post Merger HR Due Diligence for clients involving assessment of the cultural and organizational differences along with compensation and organization hierarchy parity studies to develop integration strategy. The integration models developed were structured around compensation & benefit and workforce rationalization including channels for outplacement and layoffs. For effective transition and merging of organizational cultures I also developed employee engagement models with formal channels of communication.  

Performance Management System

  • Developed Individual Development Plan (IDP) for 4 clients with linkage to their competency mapping & skill matrix which has led to the creation of a promotion ready talent pool for the client in future. Also developed matrices for normalization of performance management ratings and ran a pilot Normalization Committee review meetings for the client for the smooth transition of the matrices to the client.

OD Intervention & Training

  • Assisted 5 clients in revamping their compensation strategy to ensure market driven reward program. Conducted Compensation benchmarking study to formulate the new compensation structure which ensured compensation parity with the competitors thus enabling the client’s organization to attract and retain talent in competitive post-recession market. Along with it developed the Executive Education Scheme for senior and middle managerial team. It helped the client’s leadership team in succession planning and creation of a home grown promotion ready team of potential business leaders.
  • Assisted the clients in revisiting H.R Policies & Procedure and aligned the same to existing\organizational needs based on Industry Benchmarking along with process workflow maps for various HR Process. Along with Formulation of employee retention plan based on E – Sat Survey & Exit Interviews. I was also instrumental in designing and successful implementation of a fully automated Induction Program for remote offices of the client leading to a better synergy by centralization of the HR backend operations.