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Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

I am a firm believer in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability as important building-blocks of "reputation capital", brand and product differentiation, and risk mitigation when applied to the foundations of operations, human resources and corporate communications.

Having worked in both developed and emerging nations, I have witnessed first-hand the failures and successes of social and sustainable commitments.  While a relaxed and at times non-existent commitment to environmental and corporate social responsibility policy, when put to the test, will lead to global embarrassment, lost revenue, and failed consumer loyalty; a firm and transparent commitment to sustainable policy, implementation and continued improvement, will capture and sustain markets for companies and stakeholders.

In regards to GHG (Green House Gas) reduction and management, I bring a wealth and breadth of experience and passion!  I offer high-level expertise in carbon origination, and capping and trading as per the UNFCCC - Kyoto Protocol, as well as high-level management of CDM/JI projects through life-cycle.  In doing so, I regularly meet with advisory groups, governments, certification bodies and clients and prepare communication briefs for stakeholders. In addition, I have worked with governments to develop carbon projects within emerging markets, including parts of Africa, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India and others.  I offer ample experience working with the United Nations Development Program, the IFC and World Bank.

My passion for  Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability stems not only from deep interest in related policy and eco-social change for global corporations, but also from my desire to work in a collaborative atmosphere with teams from several divisions, while managing a multitude of varying projects, clients and challenges!


Driven without ego.  Constant need to learn new methodologies and stay abreast of geo-political influences to business.  Diplomatic; highly aware of country-specific governments, beliefs, norms, forms of communication and traditions. Proven highly successful in communication and business development within male-dominated societies such as China, Japan and UAE.  Ability to set all at ease.


  • Russian:          Basic/Intermediate; continuing classes
  • French:              Basic; continuing classes
  • Farsi/Persian:  Basic; continuing classes



CURRENT LOCATION:                   U.S., France & Hong Kong

WILLING TO RELOCATE:               Yes.  Willing to relocate at own expense.

ABILITY TO TRAVEL:                       75% +

CURRENT WORK VISAS:              China, Hong Kong, and all EU countries

GLOBAL WORK EXPERIENCE:    North America, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, India, UAE, U.K., Ireland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Kenya


I am seeking a multi-national consultancy firm, or a corporation with global reach.  Within such a firm I wish to join an established team, or develop a new division for the firm in regards to corporate social responsibility and sustainability implementation as applied through management consultation, auditing, lobbying, policy formation, corporate communications, marketing and branding.


  • Multi-faceted international executive with extensive global business experience
  • 9+ years international operations, global business development, market strategy, and emerging market development
  • 5+ years Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability management and international client consultation; global business unit creation and launch
  • High-level, strategic business aptitude and analytical strategic thinker; adept at quick problem identification and solution, efficiently handling multiple projects under strict time constraints
  • Expert understanding of UNFCCC & Kyoto Protocol application and carbon project origination and verification; GHG analysis; sustainability and eco-social
  • Alliance builder within governments, NGOs, employees, and C-levels
  • Expert in corporate communications, policy creation, lobbying efforts, and government affairs
  • Technical aptitude and expert working knowledge of emerging clean technologies


  • Activities:    Daily running, snow-skiing, daily gym exercise, auto racing
  • Hobbies:    Languages, photography, rugged travel (Laos, Cambodia, parts of Africa, India)
  • Charities:    Habitat for Humanity, BPeace, Doctors without Borders 

Work experience

Mar 2003May 2009

VP Sustainability & Global Strategy

GHI Drake

(Privately Held Company; 25 employees 150+ contractors; International Trade & Global Growth Strategy Consultancy)

International Trade Facilitation and Global Strategy consultancy.  Manage a variety of contracted projects for the company involving international strategy, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, social communications within emerging markets.  Have completed assignments in Asia, East Asia, Russia, India, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Europe, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Kenya. Managed projects for Furtune 500 and 1000 companies.

  • Created and manage the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability consulting division with focus on sustainable, responsible and profitable global growth and strategy; successfully opened 3 CSR consulting offices in 3 continents
  •  Mange and lead a team of 20 consultants; Business unit P&L and global operations responsibility; 100%+ of revenue targets
  • Experience working with C-level decision makers, board of directors, regulatory agencies, attorneys, lobbyist and governments, as well as organizations such as the U.N., IFC, and World Bank
  • Conceptualize for corporate leadership the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility transparency, accountability and social and environmental investment as key aspects of "brand awareness", and a source of "reputation capital" for capturing and sustaining markets
  • Created global growth strategy inclusive of emerging markets; effecting a revenue increase of 54%
  • Manage consultingefforts between the U.S., Asian and European teams
  • Established CSR and eco-social consulting standards; consult with clients regarding CSR/sustainability application to include H.R., administration, employees, P.R., brand differentiation/marketing, risk mitigation, supply chain, manufacturing, distribution and other operations
  • Expert in sustainability, eco-social, EHS, and Fair Labor auditing and consultation
  • Expert in CSR corporate policy development for operations within the emerging nations of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and several countries within Africa
  • Expert in CSR and sustainability standards: ISO 14000 & 14001, SA 8000, AA 1000, LEED, codes formulated by OECD, UN and Global Compact
  • Developed and closed a $400 million energy project in India; Kyoto Protocol and CDM - JI analysis and implementation; Government, IFC and World Bank involvement
  • Expert understanding of Kyoto Protocol - UNFCCCprocesses, and application of carbon project origination, and GHG reduction (Green House Gases)
  • Attend international sustainability and carbon trading conferences; stay abreast of global CSR, environmental and carbon policy trends; passionate and committed to all aspects of CSR and eco-social responsibility implementation
  • Expert in corporate communications, policy creation, lobbying efforts, and government affairs; provide in-depth country and market research
  • Monitor client's carbon footprint; develop standard measurement processes, and report status of all carbon reduction initiatives
  • Develop JVs, M&As and strategic alliances
Jan 2002Mar 2003

Director, Business Development


(Public Company; 690 employees; Startup Division Fuel Cell Industry)

Start-up division within the emerging technology industry of Lithium Ion Polymer batteries and Direct-Methanol fuel cells (DMFC).  Managed Global OEM sales with additional responsibility penetrating the government and military sectors.  Responsible for opening key global OEM accounts within the automobile, military, computer, handheld and cellular segments including IBM, Dell, HP, Apple, Palm, Nokia and others. 

*Fuel Cell division sold in March 2003.

  • Generated C-level commitment to funding projects using new technology by 60%
  • Developed marketing analysis including research, competitive product evaluation and sales techniques
  • Coordinated and managed salesefforts between the US and Asia
  • Worked client-side analysis and R&D
Jun 1997Jan 2002

Director, OEM Business Development

Luscombe Engineering

(Privately Held Company; 100+ employees; Computer Hardware industry)

Charged with opening business opportunities within the U.S. OEM sector.  Managed Global Sales to U.S. OEMs, and held direct international account responsibility for HP/Compaq, Dell, IBM, Apple, Gateway, Palm Computing, Nokia and Motorola. Developed new business in the U.S., China, Taiwan, Ireland, Belgium and Germany.

  • P&L responsibility for division; $6 Million annually
  • Managed global growth strategy for segment
  • Implemented marketing strategies; penetrated regional and international markets increasing revenue by 42%
  • Proved ability to sell to C-Level executives, product managers, and engineers
  • Managed international team efforts between the US, Europe and Asia
  • Designed, implemented and sold new product line. Revenue increase 25%+ per year
  • Consistently met and exceeded revenue and margin goals
  • Gained exclusive access into R&D within assigned accounts


Jun 2008Present




Sustainable Globalization
Applied through foriegn real estate ventures, offshore manufacturing, global sourcing, supply chain, distribution, operations, etc.
International Operations Management
Emerging Market Development
Corporate Social Responsibility
Social Communications