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About Me

I am a freshly graduated student of Software Engineering from Gandaki College of
Engineering and Science.

I am interested in new tech and learning new stuffs.

Interested in new ideas, doing all kind of stuff to get things working.

Some of my college projects include:

  • Survey and Analytics
  • Middleman Ordering
  • Analysis on Recommendation Algorithms (Major Project)

Technical Skills

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, node.js

Tools, Linux, Windows, Ubuntu Server, Git, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect



Bachelors in Software Engineering (BESE)

Gandaki College of Engineering and Science

C, C++, Java, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, DBMS, UML


Higher Secondary Education Board

Amarsingh Higher Secondary School

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics

Projects /  Works


Analysis of Recommendation Algorithms

College Major Project

Analysis of Recommendation Algorithms was a research based project where we were responsible for analyzing various algorithms and finding out the scenario where they would perform best and where they would be at disadvantage. The project involved some coding in python along with calculation the error for each of the algorithms. My involvement of the project consisted of a detailed study on algorithms like SVD(Singular Value Decomposition), ALS(Alternation Least Square) and also implementing them in code.


Server Administration


During my work at CodeSastra, I was responsible for maintaining the server. I was involved in maintaining the VPS to host web application. Also I was involved in making some wordpress sites. 

Middleman Ordering

College Project

Middleman Ordering was a web based application where a vendor could take order form the user and deliver the goods to the user. Middleman Ordering was developed using Laravel. During this project I was responsible for overall monitoring of the project along with integrating a payment gateway(Paypal).

Web Development

Goreto Software

During my short peroid of work at Goreto Software, I gained some skill on wordpress and Laravel. While on Goreto I developed various website for local business using Wordpress

Survey and Analysis

College Project

Survey and Analysis was the first college project. It was a web based application build in laravel. The main core of the project was that the user could create a questionnaire and publish it. The result could be categorized using different demographics. As a member of this project I was responsible for the back end development.



Research Methodology


Microsoft Technology Associate Training on Windows Server Admin

windows server 2008


MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional


MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

windows server 2008

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