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Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Research Assistant-work study position

This is my current place of employment. It is a federal-work-study position as a laboratory assistant for one of my biology professors. He is performing research on the population genetics of Wild Rice, and my job is to perform laboratory duties to assist with his work.

This includes extracting the DNA from the leaves of Wild Rice plants, which involves a wide variety of laboratory equipment and technique, including pipetters, centrifuges, liquid nitrogen, agarose gel electrophoresis, DNA quantification, and much more. I also exercise sterile procedure whenever necessary to avoid cross-contamination of samples.

Jun 2008Aug 2008


Koke'e Reseource Conservation Program

The Koke'e Resource Conservation Program (KRCP) is a non-profit organization in Hawaii that leads volunteers into the rainforest and works with them to remove invasive species. It was only a temporary internship, which explains why I was only there for three months.

My job as an intern at KRCP was to lead groups of volunteers into the forest. Every morning, I would give a safety talk before heading out for the day. Once we were in the field, I showed them how to identify invasive species of plants, then safely and effectively remove them using a machete and herbicide.  This sometimes involved climbing down cliffs to get to hard to reach areas.

Sometimes we would also have groups of school children join us for a day, and I taught them about the ecology and vegetation of the rainforest. For obvious reasons, the children could not use machetes, but I was trusted to supervise groups of four to six children at once and show them how to pull the plants out by hand. Safety was the number one objective, and I did my part to ensure that myself and others were following strict safety protocol at all times.

May 2006Jun 2008


The Beach Waterpark

The Beach Waterpark is a water park in Mason, OH, near Cincinnati. I did summer landscaping work there for the 2006 and 2007 operating seasons. I also worked there for 3 weeks at the start of the 2008 season before leaving to Hawaii for an internship. This was all worked out ahead of time. My supervisors knew I would only be there for 3 weeks before leaving again, but hired me anyway because of my excellent track record during the previous years. I never missed a day of work, and frequently stayed after my shift was over to make sure that the park landscaping was in excellent shape for special events. I also frequently showed up early on the day of the event before the park opened to be sure everything was in order for our guests.

My primary duties included mowing, trimming, mulching, and other landscaping duties using professional grade landscaping equipment. The park was a small time operation without much money to hire supervisors, so I was trusted to just find things that needed to be done, grab my tools, and go do it.  I was supervised directly by the Assistant Genreal Manager of Operations, who frequently gave me positive feedback on my performance throughtout my time at The Beach Waterpark.


Sep 2006Present


I currently attend Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. I am studying biology, with an emphasis in cellular biology. In September I will be entering my Senior year.

When I graduate, I plan to enter graduate school and earn a PhD, then pursue a research career in virology.



Biology Laboratory Techniques
Being a biology major, I have accumulated a wide variety of skill used to perform biology laboratory work.  I have gained these skills both in my job and in classroom settings. I have taken a class called Lab Methods in Molecular Biology, in which I was given the name of a gene in Wild Rice, then my task for the semester was to clone the insert, purify it, have it sequenced, then use bioinformatics tools to determine the relationship to similar genes in other species.   Some of my skills include PCR, bacterial transformation, plasmid preps, and working in a sterile environment, among many other things.  The research paper that I did for this class is available in my portfolio.
Web Design
Web design is another of my many hobbies. I am experienced with XHTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, and have some knowledge of JavaScript and programming Java applets. I can provide examples of my work upon request.
Bioinformatics Programming
I have mentioned elsewhere that I enjoy computer programming, and in recent years I have become interested in programming bioinformatics algorithms. Most of my work in this field is done with the Perl programming language, but I have also done a little bit with Python and C++.  I do not have as much experience in this as I do in other areas of programming, but I have written programs to automate certain tasks in biology, such as parsing Genbank and PDB records, analysing BLAST ouput, and finding sequences in DNA.   This is a recent interest of mine, and I look forward to learning more about it every day.
Computer Programming
One of my hobbies is computer programming.  I am experienced with numerous programming languages, including Perl (my favorite), C++, Python, and PHP. I usually program in a Linux environment, but can also work in Windows as the need arises.


I am currently a junior majoring in biology at Northland College. I currently work as a research assistant, in which my primary duty is to extract DNA from the leaves of wild rice for use in genetics research. After graduation I plan on attending graduate school to earn a Ph.D in virology.


My professional interests include viruses, oncology, and the biotechnology uses of viruses in the treatment of various diseases, including cancer. 

My free time hobbies include computer programming, web design, and outdoor activities. I am also a very avid martial arts fanatic. I study Budo taijutsu and some Aikido, and I am trying to self teach myself in Brazilian Jujutsu (until I can find a school in my area). 

I also enjoy learning more about science and technology and its impact on the future of humanity. For example, I enjoy considering the ways in which new technology will affect things like social values, economics, politics, public health, the environment, and the judicial system. These technologies include biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, cyber crime, alternative energy, and space travel, among many others. I especially enjoy intelligent discussions on these topics. 


References are available only by request.


Feb 2008Present


FEMA Emergency Management Institute