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I am a diversely skilled and highly dedicated musician seeking an opportunity to use and develop my skills in a ministry environment while pursuing seminary master's degree in a reasonable time frame.  I currently serve in a full-time worship ministry position but am seeking free-lance opportunities to help pay for school.

Work experience

May 2005Jul 2009

Director of Student Worship

First Baptist Concord

My official job responsibilities included building and developing student band, crew, and choir programs (details below). I was also the worship leader and technical coordinator for all the Student Ministry services and many special events.  I was necessarily considered a member of the Student Ministry staff, but I was technically a full-time member of the Worship Ministry staff, reporting directly to the Pastor of Worship.  As such I was sometimes called upon to serve on technical teams for productions, arrange, rehearse, or record music for an adult ensemble, or fill in for a worship leader, rhythm section player, or vocalist.  

When I began serving at Concord, there were 2 former student worship band members, 3 students with technical experience and background, and an uninterested choir of about 10.  When I left the student worship ministry included:

  1. Bands: We had 3 bands, each with 4-5 students.  These bands shared service responsibilities for the Student Ministry on a rotating basis.  Each band member was responsible for learning not just his/her instrument, but also stage equipment, technical equipment, music theory, etiquette, leadership, responsibility, and so on.
  2. Crew: Attached to each band was a tech crew consisting of 3 students and one adult.  The students set up and operate all the equipment (audio, video, lighting) for our services, and the adults provided leadership and communication support.  Crew members learn the same skills and concepts as band members (listed above).  Click here for an example Band/Crew Entrance (Placement) Exam.
  3. Choir: Our student choir (FUSION) was a dynamic and exciting group of 80+ students, middle school through college age.  We developed a Girls Ensemble, a Dance Team, and a group of soloists and background singers we call Featured Vocalists.  Helping in leadership and administration is a group called FAST: FUSION Adult Sponsor Team.  This leadership group was organized by committees and handles things like social events, costume/set design, and membership.
Aug 2003May 2005

Student Media Librarian

Belmont University Media Library

I was a compensated student assistant in the music library, average 15 hours/week.  I did normal library work such as shelving and assisting other students in finding items.  I also manned the media desk which held the collections of CDs, cassettes, LPs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and other media.

May 2003Aug 2004


Construction Design & Management

My first two summers of college I did manual labor with a local commercial contractor, 40 hours/week.  Responsibilities included light carpentry, concrete work, steel work, heavy lifting, equipment operation, site cleanup, and any other nonskilled or semiskilled labor.

Jul 2000Oct 2002

Sales Associate

Radio Shack - Market Place

Regular commission-based retail sales associate, average 15 hours/week during school year, 30 in the summers.  Job required knowledge and sales of RadioShack products as well as those of DirecTV, Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, and several other major electronics manufacturers.


Aug 2002May 2006

Bachelor of Music

Belmont University

Presidential Scholar (Full 4-year academic scholarship)

Composition and Arranging Emphasis

Piano principal

Minor in Biblical Languages

Overall 3.85 GPA - graduated Summa Cum Laude


Jeff Lawrence

Jeff came on at First Baptist Concord as Worship Pastor (and therefore my boss) in August 2008.  We worked closely on productions and some weekly worship services.

Cheri Burt

Cheri served as my administrative assistant at First Baptist Concord from 2005-2007, and again from 2008-2009.  She handles a great deal of the day-to-day office workings of the student worship ministry and is very knowledgable about the structures, communications, and procedures thereof.

Bradley Thomas

Bradley and I have been friends for many years.  We have acted in productions together, I was in his Sunday School class for a while, and we were in several other ministries together during his time at First Baptist Concord.  Because he's been in the DFW area for several years now, he's been a tremendous resource and advocate since we decided to come to the area.  We now serve together at First Euless and work closely on a weekly basis.

Robert Elkins

Robert was my supervisor at First Baptist Euless from when I was hired in July 2009 through mid-December 2009 when he accepted his current position at First Orlando.

Dr. Doug Sager

Dr. Sager was my Pastor and teacher since he came to Concord in 1993.  He is an unbelievable man of God and minister of the Gospel.  He has served on multiple committees and boards within the Southern Baptist Convention and other ministries in addition to being a trustee for a hospital and a university.

Mark Blair

Mark was my Worship Pastor from 1999-2007 and my direct superior from 2005-2007.  He was my mentor for many years, and I've served in many of his productions and ministries.

Phil Nelson

Phil's background is foreign missions, and he served as the Pastor of Missions at Concord for several years. He and I served on staff together until May 2008 when he accepted the position with the IMB.  Phil has gone on several mission trips with me, and he still has children involved in the student worship ministry.




Biblical languages
I completed 24 hours of coursework in Hebrew and Greek at the undergraduate level.  I was awarded Outstanding Greek Scholar of the Year by the Belmont University School of Religion in 2005.
While at Concord I started exploring the world of podcasting and new media.  I ran and supervised a show called FUSIONcast, which was geared toward informing, entertaining, and communicating with members of FUSION, our student choir.
Computer programming/Website management
I studied several programming languages in high school and have continued to dabble in the field.  At Concord I currently ran sites for our student band program and for our student choir.  I am familiar with at least the basics of VBasic, C++, HTML, PHP, and SQL databases.
I first started sequencing as the keyboard player in a Belmont group called Phoenix.  As a top 40 cover ensemble, I found myself needing to replicate sounds found in hit radio recordings by artists such as Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, and the like.  Self-taught and motivated by necessity, I quickly developed my skills at (as well as a love for) the art.  Now I constantly program drum loops, extra keyboard and guitar lines, additional vocal parts, etc. for our band and choir needs.
Instrumental conducting
I so enjoyed and excelled in my college conducting class that I was recommended for private instruction with the conductor of the Belmont Symphony Orchestra.  As his student I was invited to guest conduct the Symphony in one of their major performances.  Other experience includes several studio conducting sessions of music I have written or arranged, as well as the occasional church orchestra opportunity.
Choral conducting/directing
Most of my choral conducting experience is in a church setting, and most of that has been in pop, rock, R&B, and swing music.  I am a dynamic and energetic director, using my enthusiasm to pull the desired performance out of an ensemble.
Band leading
I am quite competent at achieving a desired sound and overall effect from a rhythm section.   I am intimately familiar with all rhythm instruments and how they should come together in ensemble.
Rhythm guitar and bass
I've played rhythm guitar (electric and acoustic) and electric bass guitar in several ensembles.  I'm familiar with the equipment, construction, methods, styles, and terminology of these instruments.
Piano (and other keyboards)
I started playing as a young child, started lessons at 7, and took serious professional lessons through college.  I'm an excellent sight-reader (some open-score experience), proficient at reading chord changes (pop and jazz), a very good accompanist (much experience with individuals and choirs), and a decent pop/rock/jazz player in an ensemble.  I am familiar with many styles and techniques of keyboard instruments.
Worship leading
I started leading in high school; I had a band made up of friends from the youth group, and we led for Wednesday night services, small Bible studies and gatherings, and the occasional external event.  During my tenure at Concord I consistently lead for all student ministry services (usually 4/week) with several student bands.  We've led for conferences, camps, and other events.  I typically lead from the guitar, but I lead from the piano/keys as well. Starting at Euless I helped lead for the main contemporary worship services. 
Composition and arranging
I've been writing music as long as I can remember.  I've now written for string quartet, rhythm section, a cappella vocal ensembles, student choir, big band, string orchestra, jazz orchestra, church orchestra, film orchestra, and symphonic orchestra, and much (if not most) of my music has been played, sung, and/or recorded.
Computer-based notation and engraving
I have several years of Finale experience (up to 2008 version), but I've been using Sibelius (currently version 6) primarily for the last 5 years.  I've notated hundreds of rhythm charts and dozens of choir and orchestra charts at Concord and Euless, and I've been hired to engrave several other scores, both small to large ensembles.  Please see portfolio for example charts and scores.
Computer-based digital recording
From an early age, I have had a love of recording technology.  I started recording my songs in middle school with two tape recorders and a plastic microphone.  In my years at First Baptist Concord I arranged, engineered, and produced two full-length albums (the first of our three student bands and the second of our student choir).  I have also edited and mixed multitrack recordings of several worship ministry productions, both in stereo and 5.1 surround.  Software experience includes MOTU Digital Performer, Steinberg Nuendo, Cubase, and Wavelab, Propellerheads Reason and Record, and several plug-in platforms including Waves and UAD.  Please see 'Recordings' and 'Videos' in my portfolio for examples.