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Westminster College

Accepted into the Masters of Business Administration with emphasis in Technology Management (MBATM). This is a program that is the same as the standard MBA only with a few specialized classes that emphasize the art of managing high-tech companies and products.

GPA 3.7

2002Dec 2007


Westminster College

Classes mostly revolved around Java and related technologies with a few C classes.

Notable College Courses are Computer Graphics, Computer Security, Database Systems, Computer Networks

GPA 3.5

Work experience

May 2008Dec 2008

C++ Software Engineer

Intelisum, Inc.
  • C++ Development, testing and debugging of the company's flagship 3D rendering software.
  • Troubleshoot network and computer hardware
  • Developer on the team to re-build the user interface for the flagship product using MFC.
  • Developed software for measuring pipes as an emergency feature for a customer.
Feb 2003May 2008

Internal Helpdesk Tech

  • Maintain PC’s, laptops, PDA’s, printers, software and hardware (servers and workstations).
  • Troubleshoot various network/hardware problems.
  • Use creativity to find lasting solutions to current problems.


Stan Coleby

Stan was my trainer and direct software developement supervisor.

Greg Gagne

Greg is one of my favorite professiors and an incredible teacher.  At Westminster College the classes are small and so it is easy to create a personal relationship with the professors.  I feel I have a personal relationship with Professor Gagne.

Mike Keene

Mike is one of my favorite professors and an incredible teacher.  Over the past 2 years as I've been going through the MBA-TM program we have really become aquatinted with each other.

Derald Bartos

Derald was my project supervisor.

Chad Zeluff

Chad is my personal friend as well as co-worker.

Brian McRae

Brian is the manager of the helpdesk at Workers Compensation Fund.  At WCF the helpdesk is a group of Jr. and mid-level network admins that respond to many different network problems.  If a problem is beyond our clearance it is then passed on to the network engineers.

Gary Robinson

Gary is my personal friend as well as an old co-worker.



I am a dynamic, self-motivated software developer with a proven record of problem solving and providing immediate and practical solutions.  I welcome new challenges with great tenacity and flexibility and I perform well under pressure.  I am also an effective communicator and I have the ability to connect with people at all levels, a skill that is valuable in today’s software development industry.


Career Highlights

Co-developed a 3D rendering software for Intelisum, Inc.  Intelisum's software and 3D cameras give the ability to capture real world scenes in three dimensions and then interact with those scenes through the computer interface in an immersive way.

Successfully developed a web application for recording jogging exercise sessions and overall effectiveness, resulting in journaling system for runners to create routes, journal entries and progress charting.  Applications used: JSP, Sevlets, Java Beans, MYSQL, and Apache Server.

Co-developed a spelling game for 1st to 5th grade children, built using JavaSwing on a complex scale as well as UML and the Agile Software Development style creating a fun environment for children to learn and providing teachers with a method for viewing progress and customizing teaching materials.