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I'm a technical developer with a passion for crafting clean and simple interfaces. I enjoy building applications using modern web frameworks such as Sinatra (Ruby), Knockout (JavaScript), Slim (PHP)

Work experience

Falmouth University

Jun 2012Present

Web Developer

At Falmouth, I am responsible for the UX design and development of the online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).


Creation of a responsive Moodle theme using HTML / CSS / SASS (Bootstrap 3) and PHP.

Using the Slim PHP framework to build an API based application that pulls user data from various institutional resources into a user friendly interface (built using Twig template engine). This involved writing objects and classes to build an OOPHP application and using Twig to build the front-end interface. 

JavaScript / jQuery

Using jQuery to enhance the interaction design of the VLE.

For example, writing custom JS / jQuery and working with Twitter Bootstrap jQuery plugins and modules.

In this role, I also have experience using Angular JS to create interfaces to data driven documents provided by the Google Docs API.

Information Architecture 

I have experience in designing IAs, specifically with regard to the VLE at Falmouth. This involved designing the navigation and site hierarchy, as well as page hierarchy and content design.

For example, I streamlined the interaction design on the VLE by providing specific locations in the interface for key resources and readings. This makes such information easier to find by the end user through consistency. 

Content design

I recently produced a series of Web content guides to help academics create learning resources for the VLE. Topics included: screen real estate, page scan-ability, visual hierarchy, and use of responsive media.


Wireframes are an essential tool, and I use them regularly during the design process, specifically with regard to IA and visual hierarchy.

For example, wireframes were used to quickly iterate designs to produce a final design. Graphic elements such as colour and texture don't necessarily need to be included in order to work out the Information Architecture of a given site or page; wireframes are a good tool to help with these tasks.


At Falmouth, we use UX processes to help us understand the needs of our users. These include: user testing, questionnaires, contextual inquiry interviews, user stories.

For example, we used questionnaires and interviews recently to evaluate important features missing from the current Learning Space interface. We collected the data to form user stories, which have given us a better understanding of our users needs.


I have experience of UI design and development. For example, I recently created of a responsive Moodle theme, built on Twitter Bootstrap using SASS and jQuery. This theme recently became popular within the Moodle community, with over 25,000 downloads worldwide since February 2014 and was used on the International Moodle Conference Website, iMoot.

Responsive design

At Falmouth we try to adopt a "Mobile First" attitude wherever possible. Through use of analytics, we know that use of tablet and mobile devices is due to overtake desktop in 2015 – we prepare for this by ensuring the experience of the VLE is consistent across devices.

For example, the mobile version of the Learning Space interface feels less cluttered, but further information is revealed via off-canvas menus.

Mobile Apps

I also have experience designing mobile apps, including the creation of a QRCode reader app built using Objective C.

Falmouth University

Sep 2011Jun 2012

Learning Technologist Intern

Based within the Academy for Innovation and Research (AIR), I worked closely with the Research Technologists in the development of the AIR Portal, a Drupal system designed as a collaborative forum for PhD students.

During this time I designed a Moodle theme for the Falmouth MBA site, which was the first responsive Website design produced by Falmouth University.

Other projects included design and development of the departmental blog (WordPress) and the development of a QR Reader application for iOS (Objective C).

Self Employed

Feb 2011Present

Freelance Web Developer

I have worked on a range of freelance web projects including WordPress / Drupal design and development.

Shaped by US

I developed a series of HTML / CSS templates for Sea Communications as part of the Shaped by Us project.

Postgraduate Placements Cornwall

I developed the WordPress theme used on the Postgraduate Placements Cornwall Website. This was on a contract basis with Falmouth University.


Falmouth University

Sep 2013Sep 2014

Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education

This post graduate qualification gave me a thorough understanding of pedagogic principles. This has allowed me to undertake my role at Falmouth with greater purpose, especially with regard to how digital interfaces effect online learning. 

Falmouth University

Oct 2007Jun 2010

BA Digital Media

Digital Media at Falmouth was an excellent primer for working in the creative sector. Skills learned involved project management, storytelling and interactive product design. 

In my final year, I produced an interactive music application built on Max / MSP. This really sparked my curiosity for coding and design, and upon graduation, I began taking on freelance Web design and development projects.

University of East Anglia

Jul 2006Jul 2007

FdA Computing

Foundation degree in Computing.

Learning Space

Learning Space is Falmouth's flagship VLE with over 4000 users. I designed and developed the site using Moodle. Skills involved: UX / UI design, interface development. Elegance, a Moodle 2.6 theme based on Learning Space (seen below), has proved to be massively popular within the Moodle community with over 25,000 downloads worldwide and was used on the International Moodle Conference Website.

Shaped by Us

Working on a contract basis with Sea Communications, I produced HTML and CSS templates during the development of Shaped by Us. Skills involved: UI development including HTML, CSS and jQuery development using Twitter Bootstrap.


Writely is a personal project (currently in development) I have been working on recently. Writely is a markdown editor designed for simplicity. Built on Knockout JS, with a Sinatra back-end.


Using HTML5 and CSS3 to create responsive Websites and apps.
UX / UI Design
Using UX principles to guide UI design and development.
JavaScript / Knockout / Angular
Building client side apps using JavaScript.
PHP & Slim Framework
Building back-ends in PHP
Ruby / Rails / Sinatra
Building back-ends in Ruby.
Building apps that follow MVC and MVVM design patterns.
Creating REST APIs in PHP and Ruby.
Using Git collaboratively to manage code projects.


References available upon request