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Jackson High School

I graduated from Jackson High School in 2008. During high school, I participated heavily in competitive debate, earned a 32 on the ACT, and was an AP Scholar.

Aug 2008Present

Philosophy & General Studies

Lindenwood University

I am a Senior at Lindenwood University. I plan to graduate in May of 2013 with a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.A. in General Studies.

  • I have studied extensively [30 hours] in Communications, including courses in Professional Media, Social Media Strategies, Online Personal Branding, Media Design, and Reporting.
  • I have studied extensively [24 hours] in Philosophy, including courses in Moral Philosophy, Legal Philosophy, and Political Philosophy.
  • I have studied substantially [18 hours] in English, including courses in Tutoring for Writing, Creative Writing, and Writing for Electronic Media.
  • Other coursework of note includes Principles of Marketing, Business and Free Enterprise, Principles of Psychology, and Advanced Audio Production.

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Recreation Supervisor

Lindenwood University

As a Supervisor for the Student Life & Leadership Department at Lindenwood University, I manage an on-campus recreation area. Recreation Supervising is a managerial and customer service position. This work requires patience, for dealing with rowdy college students and lazy co-workers, diligence, to prevent the misuse or destruction of any University property, and communication and problem-solving skills, to prevent or diffuse the variety of situations which inevitably arise.

This is a part-time position [10 hours/week] between August and May.

Jul 2006Aug 2011

Course Maintenance

Bent Creek Golf Course

As a groundskeeper, I helped ensure that Bent Creek Golf Course always looked its best. Course Maintenance is a manual labor position, with some customer service and managerial duties. This work required discipline, as the workday typically began around 5AM, the physical ability to perform strenuous tasks at length, the flexibility to work diligently without disturbing the constant stream of customers on-course, knowledge of grass science, machinery, and the game of golf, and communication ability, to facilitate positive interaction with customers and co-workers.

This was a full-time position [40+ hours/week] between May and August.


Dr. Rachel Douchant

Matt Swaringim

Kerry Cox

Jon Fox

Matt Burgess

Rob Litzelfelner

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I am proud to be an Eagle Scout. I was a decorated competitive debate during high school. My scholastic accomplishments include a 32 ACT and a ‘5' in AP English. I am a Member with Merit of the National Forensic League, and an AP Scholar with Honor.

Interests & Activities

I immerse myself with social media; I am beyond fluent with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Google+, and a variety of other social media platforms. I create and maintain personal blogs and other online ventures, pursuant to my personal brand.

My hobbies include audio engineering, competitive debate, collecting vinyl records, anything outdoors, and poker.

I am an English tutor in the Lindenwood University Writing Center, and a grading assistant with the Lindenwood Univ. Philosophy department. I am a Representative in the Lindenwood Student Government Association, the acting President of the Lindenwood Univ. Philosophy Club, and a member of the Lindenwood Univ. chapter of Phi Sigma Tau International Honor Society.


I have volunteered heavily in the audio/visual booth at New McKendree United Methodist Church since 2005, allowing me more than 1,200 hours of live sound reinforcement experience, and the knowledge to handle almost any live sound situation.

I also have a long history of volunteerism through Boy Scouts of America and through New McKendree Youth Group. As a college student, I have continued to volunteer, through my participation in various clubs and student organizations, for the betterment of the Lindenwood University community.


Hello! My name is Aaron. I'm looking for a challenge, a way to exercise my abilities, be part of a team, and earn some cash. I offer a tireless work-ethic, keen intellect, and consummate professionalism. I communicate excellently, thrive in fluid environments, interact positively with others, and seek responsibility. I am proactive, analytical, innovative, detail-oriented, passionate, and tech-savvy.


This summer, I desire to utilize my aptitudes for written and verbal communication, increase my professional competencies, and broaden my experiences; specifically, I wish to become involved in a concerted, commercial social media effort and/or professionally apply my writing skills.

To this end, I seek:

  • full-time employment in social media management, web development, or online public relations for a private business or non-profit organization, beginning in May 2012 and concluding in August of the same year;


  • full-time employment in writing, editing, or tutoring for a private business, non-profit organization or school system, beginning in May 2012 and concluding in August of the same year.

Skills & Aptitudes

My greatest aptitudes are written and verbal communication; I am an expert in the clear conveyance of a message through the English language, and am skilled in writing, editing, tutoring, and public speaking.

I am skilled in all-things Internet; I am proficient in HTML, CSS, and PHP, am more-than familiar with blogging and the associated formats and platforms, and have love for and knowledge of social media.

I am skilled in audio engineering, specifically live sound reinforcement, mixing, and editing.