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Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Web Software Developer 3 for Division of News and Electronic Media

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/ Northrop Grumman
  • Manages all phases of web development including design, maintenance, evaluation, and testing for the Seasonal Influenza website, and various top tier pages 
  • Develops icons, buttons, web badges, flash banners, illustrations, logos, PowerPoint presentations, special projects, data charts, and tables with the appropriate CDC and HHS branding 
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining 508 accessible and usability testing of websites and PDFs for CDC’s Seasonal Influenza and H1N1 websites 
  • Creates Flash module presentations to communicate Seasonal Influenza information to healthcare professionals, the general public, and various audiences world-wide. 
  • Designed interactive web based products such as the mobile influenza website and the FluVaxView 
  • Conducts quality assurance and control checks to ensure that graphics and visual presentations are developed and created with the highest commercial quality 
  • Analyzes, and produces statistical reports on web metrics and usage using Omniture Site Catalyst 
  • Provides expertise for developing, managing, and evaluating highly visible graphics, web pages, publications, and databases
  • Coordinated web publishing of Health & Human Services flu vaccine guidance
  • Reduced content production timelines by reorganizing content team workflow process
  • Reduced content development errors by developing a new quality review process
  • Advised subject-matter experts on editorial web standards for publishing influenza content
  •  Developed RSS feeds and social media widgets for influenza content syndication
  • Collaborated with usability team members to modify templates, define new site architecture

Creates user interface designs and web pages from graphical wireframe layouts. Uses a customer-focused approach to provide professional customer support, technical assistance, and consultations in developing training materials. Develops and maintains conceptual and creative design deliverables for web production and visual presentations. Serves as a technical advisor and lead developer to clients in creating and developing websites. Translates dynamic ideas and requirements to create and maintain a standard consistency for presentations, images, and web pages. Has an expert knowledge of software applications Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Acts as the lead developer, and visual information expert for the Seasonal Influenza web team. Provides a superior level of expertise to update and maintain web content by converting center level and Seasonal Influenza pages in both English and Spanish. Uses CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to code template pages for appropriate formatting, layout, and functionality. Effectively manages and masters complex coding projects related to web design and maintenance. Effectively communicates and interacts with team members, subject matter experts, senior management, clients, and members of the general public. Successfully updated the Seasonal Flu web site by converting the site into the new CDC web templates; verified all hyperlinks, content, ensured section 508 accessibility for all pages, PDF files, and related files. Served on an 18-week web development detail in the Joint Information Center during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. 

Oct 2006Aug 2008

Web Designer for National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/Quantell
  • Served as the lead graphic designer and web developer for NCIPC. 
  • Provided expert guidance and analysis while consulting on complex communication issues involving graphic and web design. 
  • Forged and maintained alliances relationships with team members, senior management and external customers. 
  • Designed icons, buttons, flash banners, illustrations, logos, eCards, and PowerPoint presentations. 
  • Developed and maintained websites using HTML, XHTML, CSS, DreamWeaver and FrontPage, and Photoshop. 
  • Analyzed, monitored, and tracked web statistics designated websites utilizing Omniture Site Catalyst. 
  • Created and published graphics, 508 accessible PDFs, and online health communication information. 
  • Provided superior quality assurance and quality control by managing hyperlinks to internal and external sites, PDFs, and online documents. Periodically reviewed published information for version control. 
  • Regularly updated content and graphics for client’s interactive websites using Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML. 
  • Created innovative user interface designs from graphical wireframe layouts. 
  • Brand Identity Management: Provided high level of expertise to prepare, design, and develop visual materials (i.e. brochures, flyers, signage, illustrations, logos, business cards, special project IDs, charts and diagrams, tables, and certificates) for clients with the appropriate CDC identity branding. 
  • Print Production: worked closely with outside printer vendors to ensure the highest quality for all deliverables such as image specifications, and correct color processes. 
  • Created press-ready documents and visual presentations on various subjects relating to injury prevention. 
  • Light video editing: edited videos using XML to complete the closed captioning process. 
  • Assisted photographer at photo shoots for a fire prevention campaign, and provided some post production editing and retouching of images and visual treatments. 

Provided expertise in all phases of web development, graphic creation, print production, and desktop publishing from design and development to maintenance and evaluation. Created and developed web pages and images to display public health information. Created logos, text treatments, and high quality graphics for a multitude of injury related web pages and publications. Installed, supported, developed, and acted as back-up for all front-end applications needed to support the website. Investigated, identified, and resolved problems and issues for users, and communicated the solutions and proper changes working with CDC’s ITSO. Performed monthly quality assurance checks of the injury website and related electronic pages.

May 1997Oct 2006

Graphic Designer/ Human Resources Analyst

City of Atlanta, Atlanta

Graphic Designer  

  • Designed brochures, flyers, reports, publications, diagrams, displays, forms, signage, illustrations, logos, text treatments, PowerPoint presentations, business cards, special project identification badges, charts for the bureau and other entities within the City of Atlanta.
  • Developed conceptual and creative design deliverables for design products and interacted with print shops and relevant outside vendors to translate conceptual ideas and requirements.
  • Served as the quality assurance subject matter expert to ensure that all graphic and visual materials were developed conveying the appropriate message and were created with high standards and techniques resulting in the best quality behind the City of Atlanta brand.
  • Developed educational and training materials for Keep Atlanta Beautiful (Captain Clean Stream)
  • Created and presented presentations to community groups, local regulatory agencies, and citywide organizations.
  • Provided technical assistance with computer related installation on peripherals, software and hardware.

Human Resources Analyst  

  • Developed, monitored, and maintained divisional annual budgets and managed citations, personnel records, supply inventory, statistical charts, records and reports.
  • Facilitated information exchange and the designing of communication documents containing employee budgetary information and cost analysis.
  • Administered the customer complaint and resolution database; responded to inquiries and requests for information by telephone, in person or by email from internal and external customers.


Jan 2001Sep 2004

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Art Institute of Atlanta

The Art Institute of Atlanta (Atlanta campus) is an accredited institutional member of the National 

Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)


Designed Interactive Products
508 Accessible and Usability
Brand and Identity Management
Knowledge of Web Usability
Front-End Developer
jQuery/ JavaScript
Web Content QA
Desktop Publishing
Information Exchange
Project Management
Visual Communicator


Erica Shaver

Felicia Davis

Tiffany Hammette

Work Portfolio


An enthusiastic, creative, tech-savvy, professional with extensive experience in graphic/ web content and publishing. Passionate interest in online communication, digital media, social networking and online technologies. Great people skills. Reputation for an ability to quickly learn and master assigned tasks and skills. Strong communication skills that lend to working effectively with diverse audiences and all levels of management.

15 years of project management, web development, and graphic, and information exchange. I have a strong passion for utilizing online technologies and helping others to overcome their technological obstacles.  I'm most intrigued with the integration of web content and social networking for communicating with diverse audiences based on passions and common interests.


  • WCMS Proof of Concept Training 2011 
  • Delivering Internal Customer Service 2008 
  • Know Thy User: What We Can Learn from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) September 2007 
  • Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS) October 2007 
  • Web Security 101 September 2007 
  • Statistics for Web Managers October 2007 
  • Research-Based Web Design & Usability 2007
  • How to Use Omniture 2007 
  • Social Networks 101 December 2007 
  • Trends in Online Video December 2007 
  • User Interface 2006 & 2007 
  • Creating Accessible and Usable PDFs 2006 
  • Focus Group Research December 2006 
  • User Data Summary 2006 
  • Parallel Design Workshop 2006 
  • First Aid, CPR, and AED 2006 

Awards and Recognition

  • 2007 - Director’s Award: Winner for Excellence in Health Communications and Education NCIPC Communications Team for Response to the Virginia Tech Shooting (Group).
  • 2009 - Director’s Awards: CCHIS Director’s Award, H1N1 Response Efforts
  • 2009 - Certificate of Participation: Participated in and contributed to the success of the CDC’s 2009 Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Response
  • August 2010 - Certificate of Appreciation: Excellence in Communications. In recognition of collaborative, professional public health service that ensured erective CDC emergency risk communications during the response to the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic