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Work experience

2014Dec 2014

Sales Associate


Maple Grove, MN Electronics/Wireless Sales Associate Assist customers in finding merchandise and advice on product choices to best meet indiividual needs, including sales of wireless devices. Provide excellent customer service, responding promptly to customer calls and troubleshooting issues. Answer register calls promptly, acting as back-up cashier to alleviate customer wait time. Continuously develop knowledge about specialty and electronic items. Zone the department to ensure merchandise is correctly displayed by price and features.

Aug 2012Aug 2014

Supplementary Instructor

Brooklyn Park, MN Supplementary Instructor Provide strategies for students to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in class. Conduct appointment-based and drop-in peer tutoring in Microsoft Office applications.
Sep 2011Mar 2012

Teaching Assistant

Brooklyn Park, MN Teaching Assistant(FastTRAC Program) Assisted instructor in the classroom to support accelerated learning program. Tutored students during Lab hours in basic computer skills and other adult basic education courses. Performed other clerical duties as directed by the dean of the program.
Jun 2009Feb 2011

Quality Assurance Analyst

Minneapolis, MN Assembler Assembled electronic and mechanical products from reading blueprint. Tested products for quality assurance prior to shipping. Compiled customer orders, ensuring packages were correctly labeled for content, customer contact and destination.


Aug 2010May 2014



Business Computer System & Management

Feb 2007Jun 2007


U.S. Telecommunication Training Inst., Washington, DC

Internet Service Provided Design (Cisco System)


Jan 2014May 2014

Microsoft Office Fundamentals

North Hennepin Community College
Professional Development Certiicate
Aug 2013Dec 2013

Leadership Essentials

North Hennepin Community College
Professional Development Certificate
Aug 2012Dec 2012

Microsoft Essentials

North Hennepin Community College
Professional Development Certiicate

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3 Tools

LinkedIn Networking Tool

LinkedIn, a social networking web tool designed specifically for professional networking allows members to network with one another. It allow members to share professional ideas on things related to their careers. LinkedIn is easy to use. It is free to join. You just need to create an account through a step-by-step procedure. Some reasons this tool is useful is because it is a good place to look for job. If you are interested in employment, you can import your resume on LinkedIn for potential employers to review. In addition, LinkedIn is useful because people use it to write blog, and record podcast and video about their professional activities. One thing I learned about the LinkedIn tool is that it is not just for connection. It is a site for professionals and that most potential employers look-up LinkedIn to help them make employment decisions.  

With the LinkedIn tool, my colleagues will view my information and respect me as a professional person.  As a recent graduate, my presence on LinkedIn will expose me to professionals in my career and help me get connected me to future employers.  

Google Docs

Google Docs let you create and format text documents and collaborate with classmate on a group assignment. Most of my schoolmates use it as an alternative to Microsoft word. As an online word procession application, it is use by most companies to produce document more like the traditional Microsoft application. Google Docs is a lot easy to use and the different is that Google docs’s documents are kept distantly from your computer. The tool is easy to use. All you have to do is register by entering an email address and password. With my G mail address, I just had to sign into Google Docs and was ready to go.

One thing I learned is that Google docs has the ability to provide all the basic functions of a word processor and a spreadsheet software. It is a free online tool and its sharing feature is very easy to use. As a Board Chairman for the Liberian Education Accessibility Project, I can share project project document with other Board Members and receives feedback from members. Using Google docs in my organization will reduce the number of documents I have to send out to Board members. With Google Docs I have to just upload one document and we all edit it.


  Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on virtual canvas.  Prize is cloud-based. Meaning you can create from your browser, desktop, iPad, or iPhone and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips.  You can create or edit on the go, then auto-sync across all your devices with ease.

Prezi is a web tool that you can use to make presentation and storytelling for presenting anywhere across any device at any time.  Unlike any other web tools, Prezi is an eeasyool to use for your presentation, because you can access it anywhere on any of your devices. It is easy to share with people and they could edit. This tool is useful because unlike other software, it is one of the best tool and easier to use. The display through the presentation is nice and it provides a great visual sense to your presentation. Using Prezi, I have learn how to make fast and easy presentation on the go across all my devices. Prezi tools add value to your presentation by making the presentation visually fun and easy navigated, it also make it easy to share with people so people can be able to see your presentation. Prezi give you an advantage over other presentation software because it give you the ability to share and give you easy visualization for the people you are presenting to. Overall, Prezi is one of the best presentation tool for presenting your work



Skilled in standard office computer applications and database management programs.


Mr. Joseph Crowe

Director, Supporting Instruction

Mr. Troy Nellis 

Director of Service Learning

Ms. Leslie Philmon

Workforce Partnership Liason


Leadership Certificate

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Two Ideas

In the future, I am going to add links to project that I have worked on and explanation of what I did. I will include the types of work I like to do. Describe the role i played at work and show work place activities. Though my visualCV design did not capture my summary section that says who I am, I will include it in my web Tools portfolio in the future.

Another Tool I would like to explore is the parental monitoring tool called MINOR MONITOR. minor monitor is free and it enables parents to monitor their children online activities. In today's world, social networking has become the means o communication for all ages; therefore, monitor you child online activities is important. With Minor monitor, parents can access a snapshot and detailed analysis o potential dangerous activities such as bullying.