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Strong color theory and retouching skill gained by 15 years of prepress experience encompassing mechanical building and image manipulation for clients such as adidas, Nike, Weiden+Kennedy, David's Bridal, National Wildlife Federation, and National Geographic.

 In-depth knowledge of Apple OSX, UNIX, Linux, and Windows,  Adobe products, as well as defining and creating workflows to support efficiency and uphold end of product lifecycle quality and tracking.

Very interested in improving and crafting my media work and pursuing photography, Maya, and HTML/CSS, as well as project management. 

Work experience

Dec 2012May 2014

Systems Administrator

Quad/Graphics, Inc

Responsibilities included day-to-day upkeep of Microsoft Windows Server and OSX workstations. Online, near-line, and offsite data storage of versioned files measured in terabytes. Provisioned new and updated software on workstations using Casper Imaging Suite. Supported users and corporate administrators by decommissioning old hardware, imaging new hardware, troubleshooting of software and networking issues on local computers, and archiving and restoring files through IBM Tivoli. Created and implemented Apple OS-X task specific applications to take advantage of automation and standardization of file-handling and conversion more efficient for users.

Analyzed and recommended hardware and software purchases, monitored, moved, and cleansed files to maintain working space on servers and machines. Used the following systems/software tools on a daily basis: Microsoft Windows 2003RT, Apple OS-X, JAMF Casper Suite, Netmon monitoring toolset, Prinergy EVO, Fiery Manager, IBM Tivoli. GroupLogic ExtremeZ— IP, XCode, SQLite, Python, Microsoft Office Suite.

Dec 2010May 2014

Color Sponsor

Quad/Graphics, Inc

Represented Quad Graphics DC Imaging site as a color expert and liaison with assigned clients such as  National Wildlife Magazine, Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Junior, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), David's Bridal, National Geographic, and Madison Brands.

• Worked one-on-one with clients to review requested specification and edits.

• Performed preparation, conversion, presentation, and editing of images and page files for publication.

• Advise clients of possible quality issues and problems as they occurred during the workflow to present solutions for successful final digital output and print reproduction.

• Present proofing results of image specifications and made additional edits if necessary while on site with the customers via soft proofing in Photoshop to meet and exceed client expectations

• Support and mentor clients possessing varying levels of color expertise to analyze imagery according to end use

• Manage color calibration of Eizo monitors and creation and/or adjustment of viewing profiles to approximate the final printed product on site and at client sites.

Dec 2007May 2014

Color Mac Operator

Image Retouching/Color Correction

Responsible for image editing, conversion and file corrections in RGB and CMYK color space in fast-paced environment.

• Performed expert level color conformation/color correction and retouching, determined by evaluation of provided copy and/or softproof evaluation

• Evaluated color and content according to customer specifications

• Provided specific color direction by marking up color proofs

• Created silhouettes and drop shadows

• Evaluated job costing and profitability

• Scripted applications to streamline and safeguard image quality and output via Photoshop, CaptureOne, and OSX.

May 2000May 2007

Color Operator

Colourscan, Inc
Assembly/Color Operator Technician responsible for production of digital pages/imagery for commercial customers. Prepared and trapped digital media for output both online and print output. Retouched and edited images in Photoshop for clients such as Nike, TaylorMade and adidas for end use in publications, catalog, point-of-purchases, and online advertising. Analyzed and proposed workflows, and collaborated with managers and leads to incorporate quality assessment/control into production and scripted for workflow automation.
Aug 1996May 2000

Page Assembly Operator

Colortechnology, Inc
Page Assembly Operator Responsible for prepress cradle-to-grave production of digital pages/imagery for commercial customers: Prepared and trapped digital page media for various uses. Retouched and edited images for clients such as Nike and adidas for end usage.
Jan 2011Present



Studio and Portrait photography utilizing strobes and natural light.


Bellevue College
Aug 1988May 1989

Arizona State University


Adobe Products
Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Brackets
OSX, Bash, Python scripting experience
Data storage
File Management via Tivoli and terminal scripting
Studio and portrait photography and file management with CaptureOne and Lightroom @
Expert level experience with OSX workstations and servers
Knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, Javascript
3D modeling and rendering


Jan 1996Mar 1996

PowerAnimator 7 Certification

Vancouver Film School
Completed an intensive 3 month program to become certified using Alias PowerAnimator 3D software. The program covered all aspects of the 3D workflow: modeling, lighting, shading, animating and rendering objects.