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Work experience

Oct 2014Jan 2015

Actor - Staring in Walking Dead


Being featured in the premiere of Season 5 "No Sanctuary", my role was to play a hostage who was freed by "Rick Grimes" (Andrew Lincoln) and was soon part of the groups struggles to figure out a way to escape Terminus, whose inhabitants have resorted to cannibalism to survive. This role required lots of patience and accuracy to give the most realistic perception of a character possible due to the million dollar sets; we could not mess this up. Stamina was again a part of it as we were told to run for a mile without stopping as a horde of zombies chased us.

Jan 2013Sep 2014

Actor - Staring in Game Of Thrones


In the cold but beautiful, mountainous heights of Northern Ireland, I worked as a leading, laboring, star actor in the famous TV series "Game Of Thrones" along with Peter Dinklage and the HBO network cast. This role required me to have good stamina (as there was a lot of walking) and the use of on the spot improvisation as well as realistic and above average acting skills. My character was a brutal soldier who was kicked out of "Kings Landing" after a false accusation which later on lead to my characters death after months of hiding.  


Jan 2011Jan 2013

Professional Acting

The Oxford School Of Drama

Oxford school of Drama is where I earned my degree in acting which opened thousands of doors and opportunities to choose from. The course lasted 2 long years with the summer holidays of 2011 spent during school; dedication was not the word. During the course, I performed in Albert Hall London in front of the queen and thousands of people including celebrities  along with fellow students. 

Jan 2010Dec 2010

The Art of Acting

Sylvia Young Theatre School 

2010 is where I spent my whole year in Sylvia Young Theatre School. I went in not knowing if this was the right choice and barely able to act with performance anxiety and came out with a qualification that took me to The Oxford School Of Drama. During the time in Sylvia, I took on main roles and was taught every aspect in acting including : the voice I used, my posture, my walk and my choice of costumer for my character. This school taught us to think for our selves and be wise when choosing a character so it would match our own personality. This is the school which gave me my core skill in acting.



I can't put into words how passionate I am about my career in acting. Game Of Thrones and Walking Dead clearly puts me above a lot of people in this industry and this is why  I want to move onto bigger sets - If not the biggest. I may come across ignorant or arrogant but i'm just confident. I know I can achieve anything as long as I have a goal. In this case. I do and have the skills to prove it.


As well as my famous acting career, I am also more than capable to lead a cast and crew to achieve the best outcome possible. My natural leadership skills come from my brilliant acting skills. It comes in handy to act like a  leader but deep down I believe I was born a leader.


After three long years of training and compassion; I have achieved goals most 17 year old's dream of and have the experience to adapt and evolve to newer heights. I suit in a professional environment and easily stand out in a crowd after huge amounts of publicity during my role in Game Of Thrones and Walking Dead.


Me on set of HBO's Game Of Thrones.       Me along with Rick Grimes on the set of AMC's Walking Dead.