Aaron Kandemir

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2014 - Jan 2015

Actor - Staring in Walking Dead


Being featured in the premiere of Season 5 "No Sanctuary", my role was to play a hostage who was freed by "Rick Grimes" (Andrew Lincoln) and was soon part of the groups struggles to figure out a way to escape Terminus, whose inhabitants have resorted to cannibalism to survive. This role required lots of patience and accuracy to give the most realistic perception of a character possible due to the million dollar sets; we could not mess this up. Stamina was again a part of it as we were told to run for a mile without stopping as a horde of zombies chased us.

Jan 2013 - Sep 2014

Actor - Staring in Game Of Thrones


In the cold but beautiful, mountainous heights of Northern Ireland, I worked as a leading, laboring, star actor in the famous TV series "Game Of Thrones" along with Peter Dinklage and the HBO network cast. This role required me to have good stamina (as there was a lot of walking) and the use of on the spot improvisation as well as realistic and above average acting skills. My character was a brutal soldier who was kicked out of "Kings Landing" after a false accusation which later on lead to my characters death after months of hiding.  


Jan 2011 - Jan 2013

Professional Acting

The Oxford School Of Drama

Oxford school of Drama is where I earned my degree in acting which opened thousands of doors and opportunities to choose from. The course lasted 2 long years with the summer holidays of 2011 spent during school; dedication was not the word. During the course, I performed in Albert Hall London in front of the queen and thousands of people including celebrities  along with fellow students. 

Jan 2010 - Dec 2010

The Art of Acting

Sylvia Young Theatre School 

2010 is where I spent my whole year in Sylvia Young Theatre School. I went in not knowing if this was the right choice and barely able to act with performance anxiety and came out with a qualification that took me to The Oxford School Of Drama. During the time in Sylvia, I took on main roles and was taught every aspect in acting including : the voice I used, my posture, my walk and my choice of costumer for my character. This school taught us to think for our selves and be wise when choosing a character so it would match our own personality. This is the school which gave me my core skill in acting.




I can't put into words how passionate I am about my career in acting. Game Of Thrones and Walking Dead clearly puts me above a lot of people in this industry and this is why  I want to move onto bigger sets - If not the biggest. I may come across ignorant or arrogant but i'm just confident. I know I can achieve anything as long as I have a goal. In this case. I do and have the skills to prove it.


As well as my famous acting career, I am also more than capable to lead a cast and crew to achieve the best outcome possible. My natural leadership skills come from my brilliant acting skills. It comes in handy to act like a  leader but deep down I believe I was born a leader.


After three long years of training and compassion; I have achieved goals most 17 year old's dream of and have the experience to adapt and evolve to newer heights. I suit in a professional environment and easily stand out in a crowd after huge amounts of publicity during my role in Game Of Thrones and Walking Dead.