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Professional Web Developer with 10 years of experience, 3 years being commercial. I have a wide range of know-how in many different technologies. I've spent the past 3 years working on a Laravel LMS for a large corporate client, as well as the past 9 months on two Laravel applications in eCommerce and Fintech. I've had experience running these web applications both on dedicated hardware and in the cloud utilising AWS. While not being a frontend developer, i have experience creating a full frontend using VueJS and Bootstrap 4.

Work experience


Mid Web Developer


Tasked with adding features, optimising and applying bug fixes to a large Australia Crypto trading site using Laravel on AWS. Later on i was moved to an eCommerce project which was 50% complete, using Laravel. The system was moved over to VueJS and Bootstrap 4 written from the ground up, and the API re-written and deployed on AWS using numerous services offered.


Senior Web Developer


While working on the occasional Wordpress site, with bug fixes and custom plugins during the daily work load, my main job is maintenance on a custom LMS which uses Laravel for the API, Angular1 for the frontend and Ionic for the mobile app. This LMS serves a large corporate client, and is continuously worked on during the week.

Core Competencies

  • Laravel
  • Composer
  • PHP
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • Mailgun
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Linux
  • LEMP
  • Git
  • Bitbucket Pipelines
  • DevOps
  • API Consumption
  • VueJS
  • ES5
  • Yarn
  • PHPUnit
  • Bootstrap 3/4
  • jQuery
  • Algolia

My Recent Projects


A eCommerce Marketplace for Pets. Written in Laravel for the API, utilising multiple services such as AWS S3+CloudFront, Pusher for Notifications, Algolia for Search, Mux for Video hosting and much more. The Frontend is using VueJS and Bootstrap 4. The frontend was originally just in Laravel, but i used it as a learning tool to learn frontend and it came out great.


I came onto this project when it was already live, but i optimised it's page load times down by a lot, fixed a LOT of bugs, created a full admin panel and added a few new features.


A LMS written from the ground up using Laravel for the API, AngularJS for the UI and Ionic for the mobile. Once on AWS, now on dedicated hardware. This project is continuous and has weekly maintenance tasks. I'm the sole maintainer currently, and also project manager