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I've spent the better part of the past year working on a LMS system for a Corporate client, and the rest of the time on Wordpress sites for smaller clients. 

I've spent most of my professional career using Laravel, writing Backends, with a bit of AngularJS for the frontend. I've also been tasked as the Systems Admin, running the LMS at one point on AWS and now a dedicated machine.

Recently started working for FairDigital on other Laravel projects too.

Lately, i've been working a lot with VueJS, even building an SPA using it for an admin panel.

Work experience


Aug 2016Present

Web Developer/Systems Admin

- Mainly working on an LMS for a corporate client, written in PHP using Laravel and utilizing a bunch of services 

- Running and Maintaining multiple servers to run aforementioned LMS and other Wordpress clients

- General Wordpress development - Design fixes, Plugins, Bug fixes




I am a contractor under my own company. Currently working on some major projects that will be hopefully released soon.

Carlisle Art

Sep 2013Dec 2018


Carlisle Art is a small business located in Benalla, Vic. I can't even begin to list my duties here, i pretty much do a bit of everything. Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, IT etc. I've setup all our marketing, POS and Online systems, and even built an android app that interfaces with a Laravel API for Stocktaking on a daily basis. 

Thubit - The Worlds Biggest Global Event Consolidator

Apr 2014Sep 2014

Systems Engineer

Thubit was a travel startup that i worked for briefly. I was in charge of maintaining the servers, deploying the code and maintaining the git repo. I also did minor bug fixes on the codebase. I had to learn how to use CakePHP for this, as well as Ansible for deployments. 


Mar 2013Dec 2013

Software Developer/Server Engineer

Quino was a short lived iOS app in 2013. I was in charge of developing the admin panel for the app, using Laravel 4. I was also tasked with maintaining the servers and services for the app. We hosted the backend on AWS, thus needing to use Route 53, EC2, S3, RDS and ElasticBeanstalk.


Aug 2012Aug 2013

Service Technician

Ozibots is a local repair store that i worked at, providing user support and repairing computers, as well as building and upgrading computers.



Jan 2018Present

Online marketplace for breeders to sell their pets


Sep 2016Present

LMS for the flooring industry


Evocca College


Diploma in Web Development

Studyied the Diploma of Web Development, which teaches HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

GOTafe Wangaratta


Cert III & IV in IT Networking

We learned how to network computers, run Windows servers and how to use Cisco routers. This course included my CCNA Course #1.

Swinburne University of Technology


Certificate III

We did a lot of work with Linux and Unix servers, as well as with computer hardware.

Ringwood Secondary College


Year 7 - 10

Completed Year 7 - Year 10



I've been writing PHP since i was 15, and consider myself proficient in it. It is by far my best skill.


I love Laravel. It is by far my favourite framework and i have written several websites using it. I have also written a couple of packages, as seen on my github.

Linux Administration

I use ubuntu as my main operating system on my home servers and desktop, i have ran database and web servers for companies before.


I've always used MySQL as my database of choice when building an application. I'm proficient in the syntax, able to tackle advanced queries.


We use Wordpress day-to-day for our small business clients


Building SPAs using VueJS is a breeze, and i've recently picked it as my goto choice for front-end development