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Aaron Eastman

Work experience

Jan 2014Sep 2015

Office Clerk (Work experience)

Eastman Drylining
In charge of; 
  • Computer and Printer maintenance. 
  • Sent invoices to important clients.  
  • Saving and copying important company files to various different computing systems.  
  • Sent and answered E-mails to associated companies. 
  • Help with book keeping. 
  • Answering business calls and taking down messages. 
  • Help to clean and maintain at work sites.  


  • Successfully transferred all files from old computer systems to the new systems. 
  • Updated the entire office system in order to work more efficiently.  

Skills Used:
  • IT skills. 
  • Easily communicate with customers and other employees. 
  • Answered calls and queries. 
  • Good teamwork with other employees. 
  • Good organisation in order to prioritize, work efficiently and productively, and manage my time well.



Ark 6th Form East Sussex
Currently Studying:
  • Business
  • Geography 
  • Biology
  • ICT


Ark William Parker Academy
Computing: A
Geography: A
Biology: A
Chemistry: A
English: B
Mathematics: B
Applied Business: B
Physics: B
English Literature: C
Spanish: C


Ark William Parker Academy
Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Sport


I use my confidence to not only motivate me but to also motivate and direct those around me. 
Self Motivator
I am constantly acting on my initiative and am proactive in putting my ideas across to help solve or improve a certain situation.  
I have a sheer determination to get things done, I am constantly looking for alternative better ways of doing things in order to bring success.  
I can adapt very well when the environment around me and certain situations change.   
Fantastic Time Management 
I manage my time effectively and prioritize my tasks in a way that allow me to complete my work to the deadlines that are set.   
Confident Verbal Communication
I feel that I can express my ideas very clearly and also speak confidently.
Team Player
I can work very confidently within a group.


  • Driving Lessons
  • Keeping fit through regularly going to the gym
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Computing software design and technology
  • Photography
  • Reading
  • Travel
  • Socializing with friends

Personal Summary

I am looking to find a job to earn money whilst I am studying for my A-levels at 6th form. I need a job offer allowing me to to concentrate on my studies and also earn money without it affecting my education in a negative way. I am extremely hard working and willing to learn almost anything to help benefit me in my life. This is evident as during my time at secondary I won a number of awards; The year 9 leadership award, the year 7 best at I.T award, the year 9 best at geography award and also finished in the top 3 for having the highest science marks in year 10. My attendance at secondary school has remained close to 100% throughout my 5 years there. In addition to this I am a non smoker, have never taken any drugs and have no criminal record.