Andrew Mabadi grew up in Skokie Illinois. He attended Northern Illinois University on a tennis

scholarship and graduated with a degree in economics. Little did he know that his job would

directly deal with economic issues such as monetary policy and the inverse relationship between

bonds and interest rates.

Growing up in a real estate family his father was a broker for over 20 years and in 1992 started a

mortgage brokerage firm. Andrew worked there for 5 years and after that experience decided to

open his own mortgage banking business.

A&E Mortgage Corporation was founded by Andrew in 1998 and he has been the President ever

since. With 15 years experience in the mortgage banking business Andrew has seen it all. Having

closed over 1200 mortgage loans totaling 400 million dollars, and staying in the business

through good time and bad, Andrew is a seasoned veteran.  With this experience Andrew has

been able to change his lending practices and adapt to a wide variety of market conditions over

the past 15 years.

Andrew has also held a real estate license since 1995 and understands the trials and tribulations

that realtors in today’s market goes through. He has used his license to purchase and sell 10

different properties of his own over the past 13 years. Currently he owns two buildings a 4 flat

and 3 flat that he rents out in the Wriglyville area.

Working hard to help prospective buyers purchase homes has been a passion of his through out

the years. Staying in touch with clients and making sure they have the appropriate mortgage

vehicle is also extremely important. By staying in touch with his clients Andrew has been able to

sustain his business strictly through referrals, and through his prospecting efforts he has been

able to send business to his real estate partners as well.

Many challenges have come to the mortgage banking business in recent years. Currently there is

a mass exodus from the industry. Only individuals with experience and the know how to adapt

to changing environments will thrive in this market place. A&E Mortgage Corporation looks

forwards to the many opportunities that lie ahead.

Work experience

Work experience