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Commerce & Statistics

A.I.O.U university

Bachelor  Degree   Education /Economic/Statistics  + Computer related Software and Microsoft Office & Finance Courses

Work experience


Working in Admin Department in a organization

Govt. Sector

i am working in a Govt sector job in  Admin Department. My responsibilities are to maintain , keep up  date   Records/ files and all cases regarding casualty report , work sheet of workers, workers daily progress report and their related documents keep up date  on computer  on daily bases.


As  my nature of job i can manage records/maintain/prepare/cases files/Big date and keep then up date daily basis on computer by using different computer software and get well knowledge of Microsoft office  and  i have awareness how to improve the  any sales of any product . Social media is one of the  fast and helpful tool to get the people aware of any product, and i have well knowledge of Social Media and know his importance in recent days and in future.

Text Section

If any wants to get my professional skills then he may contact with me  for agreement  and information.