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Harris Tan

I have a combined 5 years of Retail experience dedicating the last 2 years in my role as a Leader/Department Manager in H&M

About Me


I started my 1st job when i was 13 in McDonalds as a lobby crew, due to my family's financial difficulties. Held several part-time jobs mostly in F&B as a waiter. I learnt the importance of earning my own income at a very young age & the very essence of time management and being independent on my own such as earning my own pocket money & contributing to my family's income.


I was an active person in school, was in my school's National Cadet Corps (Air) for 4 years subsequently graduated 1st Sergeant in my CCA'S ranking system, i was taught discipline at a very young age I graduated from my secondary school at the age of 16 years old with 'N' levels, and went on to my 1st full-time job in Delipura Satay Pte Ltd, started off as a cashier then progressively became the outlet manager. I then left this company as i was enlisted to the Singapore Civil Defence Force. I was then selected to be a Firefighter. I have learnt to work under stress, how to be a team player, i have been trained to embody strong leadership and management qualities whilst serving my National Service, Served & Completed  My National Service Successfully after 2 years. A Week after completing my National Service, i then joined Cotton On as a fashion advisor with no retail experience, started off in a small store in Hougang Mall & progressively moved on to being a Trainee Store Manager in Cotton On in a span of 18 months.


As i come from a mix parentage background my strength would be communicating with people in different ethnic groups that includes speaking in Basic Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, Basic Hokkien & definitely English..=P



I first joined H&M on 24th july 2011 as a pioneer sales advisor & was given the opportunity to learn & train in Hong Kong (004 Mongkok Outlet), moving onto being a Responsible in the Mens dept, a year after i was transferred to our 2nd outlet in Ion & supported the set-up of our 2nd store in the Hennes & Divided Depts, progressively given the opportunity to become a department manager & was transferred back to our flagship store, subsequently managing Mens, Kids & currently Divided dept & also grateful to have been involved in our many collaborations, conducting several trainings alongside the HR team . I've learnt many important lessons from my store managers & am very grateful for their positive influence, inspiration, guidance & valuable knowledge which they have humbly bestowed upon me. I truly believe if we humble ousleves we can learn from anyone & everyone & im still ever eager to learn till today, i would be most grateful to be given the opportunity to go on Ipp Sm to continue on my learning journey to further develop myself as well as my team members & progressively moving onto my long term goal as a Trainer. I've always embraced this saying as my personal motto:  

"The most useful asset of a person is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, with ears open to listen & hands willing to help."

Thanks for reading  & Good Day to you..=P

Work History

H&M Pte Ltd.

Jul 2011Present

Dept Mgr/Ipp Dm Mentor/Trainer

To provide a safe, fun, exciting & conducive working environment for both my team members & customers to work & shop in, to lead, delegate, manage & develop my team members to achieve their short & long term goals with consistent constructive & postive feedback within my department to achieve our weekly TAKT, department focus, daily sales plan & KPI targets in accordance to our company's policies, routines, code of ethics & educating my fellow team members of our company's vision "to be the no 1 shopper's destination'', our 7 values which i am a firm believer of naming a few of my favourites, ''We believe in people, constant improvement, keep it simple & Cost Conscious" & the importance of customer service & achieving high mystery shopper results through conducting the 6 chapters of trainings for our team members during our main briefings with our customer service Red Bible (Customer Service Training Booklet). As well as showing appreciation when goals are met, educating & embracing our required 5 & 7 competencies & in our various roles within our massively fast-paced value driven company where our People are the foundation of our success today. 

Cotton On Pte Ltd

Jan 2010Jul 2011

Fashion Advisor/Trainee Store Manager

  • The Cotton On Group is a retail powerhouse renowned for its winning combination of globally relevant fashion at affordable prices. Duties include, managing the store, regular replenishments in accordance to company standards. Maximise productivity of both Part/Full-time team members. Ensure 100% accuracy with both opening and closing procedures. Maintaining store standards at all times and effective completion of all VM Directives. Enforce Cotton On policy and procedures. Maintaining High level of customer service while still completing all set tasks. To work together as a team to achieve monthly and daily K.P.Is. My total time was 18mths with Cotton On Pte Ltd.

Singapore Civil Defence Force

Jan 2008Jan 2010

Fire Fighter/Special Rescue Battalion Instructor

The main duties of a full-time firefighter are to help protect the public in emergency situations. They respond to a wide variety of calls, such as car crashes, chemical spills, flooding, water rescue and general rescue as well as fires. With many fire crews being trained as first responders they can provide first aid until the arrival of ambulance personnel. In addition to attending emergency call outs and rescuing people and animals from life-threatening situations, the job entails:

  • using sophisticated firefighting and rescue equipment
  • promoting fire safety via talks, advice and training sessions
  • inspecting and enforcing safety standards in commercial and residential properties
  • demonstrating the use of firefighting equipment
  • performing practice drills
  • working with police and ambulance service personnel
  • undertaking physical and academic training
  • checking and maintaining vehicles, equipment, hydrants and water supplies


North View Secondary School

Jan 20022005

Obtained 'N' Levels

I was an active person in school, was in my school's National Cadet Corps (Air) for 4 years subsequently graduated 1st Sergeant in my CCA'S ranking system, i was taught discipline at a very young age I graduated from my secondary school at the age of 16 years old with 'N' levels,

=NCC AIR (National Cadet Corps Air)

North View Primary School


=Track & Field (North View Primary) 

=Obtained Certificate for ''Best In English'' In Primary 6 & PSLE

(Primary School Leaving Examinations)

Saint Andrew's Junior School

Jan 1997Jun 1999

=Boy Scouts

Character referees:

H&M Pte Ltd:

●Jerry Seow (Current SM 701 HP: 9062 7073)

●Danson Koh (Current SM 701 HP: 8211 9772)

●Jen Ye Hui Zhong(Former SM 701, Current Area Manager HP: 8684 5754)

Cotton On Pte Ltd:

●Gustin Mahtani (Regional Manager)

HP:9795 7591