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Feb 2011Present

PhD Researcher

Alexandria Faculty of Law
  • Pioneering research in the Arab world about the protection of personal data under the digital world and the repercussions of this area on various aspects such as human rights, economics and politics
  • Recorded in the Faculty of Law, University of Alexandria in 2 / 2011 under civil law section
Oct 2008May 2010

Master in private law

tanta law faculty

Master in private law

  • The total Diplomas of
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Administrative Law from October 2007 until October 2008
    • Postgraduate Diploma in private law from October 2008 until May 2010

thus I have obtained a master's degree in private law in October 2010

Oct 2008May 2010

Postgraduate Diploma in private law

tanta law faculty

Postgraduate Diploma in private law from October 2008 until May 2010

 I studied several laws through in which the most important

  • ·Drafting electronic contracts
  • ·International laws of an environmental
  • ·Enforceable of the arbitration sentence
  • ·The laws of economic courts: judicial system in Egypt, a leading special litigation economic cases
  • ·Civil law with depth
  • ·Private international law and citizenship provisions and conflict of laws with the depth
  • ·Law of passenger transport by sea
Oct 2007Oct 2008

Postgraduate Diploma in Administrative Law

tanta law faculty

Postgraduate Diploma in Law of Administrative Sciences

 I studied several laws through in which the most important

  • Constitutional law
  • Administrative law and local councils with the depth
  • Administrative contracts with the depth
  • The law of the State Council with the depth
  • The law of public facilities with depth
  • Law of the meeting
  • Freedom of information in the face of information systems: legal study of viewpoint public law and human rights of modern information systems
  • Human rights laws

Work experience

Apr 2010Present

International arbitrator and an expert of Investment Disputes

Adaleh Center for Arbitration and Legal Consultants
  • Adaleh Center for Arbitration and Legal Consultants  is an independent special center  interest in international commercial arbitration and provides training services and many legal cooperation with regional and international bodies and various local and accredited public and private institutions
  • Developed my techniques of for contract formulation
  • Learned how to deal with international contracts
  • Interacted with the environment for international commercial arbitration
  • Continued with many of the outstanding legal figures in the Arab world at both academic and practical
  • Formed a large network of relations on the legal Arab level
  •  got to know the most important legal aspects in the fields of investment and the laws control over it
Jan 2009Present

head lawyer and international arbitrator

alder3 "shield" for legal Business
  • my own lawyer office
  • Specializing in civil law, economic and trade laws and cases related to the information law

,Telecommunications Law and human rights

Oct 2007Present


Egypt Bar Association
  • The union representing the masses of the Egyptian Bar
  • obtained a license to work as a lawyer in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2007, which rose up to the point now a lawyer in front of courts of first instance for the reality of experience and continuous work for 4 years as alawyer around egypt
Jan 2012Present

Assistant Lecturer and educational material author

ALADALA ACADEMY for distance education

Academy of ALADALA belonging to the Adaleh Center for Arbitration and Legal ConsultantsIn collaboration with the University of Alexandria and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Texas, the work of the educational system is offline for Higher Studies in International ArbitrationWhich do I prepare a scientific article that specializes in international arbitration in Arabic, a comparison between the different Arab lawsMade and I will make educational materials and legal research specialist in the basics of international arbitration and arbitration of investment and intellectual property and eYou can see examples of them in myscribd shelfاكاديمية العدالة تابعة لمركز العدالة للتحكيم والإستشارات القانونية تقوم بالتعاون مع جامعة الإسكندرية والاكاديمية العربية للعلوم والتكنولوجيا بتكساس , بعمل نظام تعليمي افتراضي للدراسات العليا في التحكيم الدولياقوم من خلالها بتحضير مادة علمية متخصصة في التحكيم الدولي باللغة العربية مقارنة بين القوانين العربية المختلفةقمت وساقوم بعمل مواد تعليمية قانونية وابحاث متخصصة في اساسيات التحكيم الدولي والإستثمار والتحكيم الإليكتروني والملكية الفكرية رفي علي سكرايبد يمكنكم الإطلاع علي نماذج منها في

Aug 2007Jan 2009


Office of Hassan Sharaf Advocates
  • Private legal practice for litigation before the Egyptian courts Writing contracts and land investment
  • Deal with different law departments and courts around Egypt
  • Deal with different both governmental organization and privet once
  • Deal with police stations around Egypt
  • Good in writing legal documents
  • Dealt with a variety of legal documents and either the analysis or writing
  • Led a team of  colleagues lawyers
  • Manage the office by myself for a year
  • Dealt with clients and provided legal advice on several levels and in several variety of legal issues
  • Written and formulated many of the documents from the various legal petitions contracts to legal proceedings, as you write memos and legal and judicial papers
  •  Made a lot of legal researches for the legal framework



hasan sharaf

  • My relationship with the office
  1. 3 years experience continuous
  2. Two years lawyer and a year as associate primary lawyer
  3. Please refer to the section of HassanSharaf on work experience 

alexandria law faculty alexandria university

  • official Governmental faculty 
  • ranked as one of top 50 universties around the world
  • My relationship with the Foundation: PhD researcher by a registered civil law department since 2011

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Bibliotheca Alexandrina

  • My relationship with the Foundation:
  1. Membership Researcher 2011
  2. Role Bibliography 2011
  3. Role Citation 2011
  4. Role of Web 2.0 in 2011 

tanta law faculty tanta law faculty

  • tanta, algrbyah egypt 
  • official Governmental faculty
  • My relationship with the Foundation:
  1. Bachelor of Law 2007
  2. Master of Law 2010 

ebraheem fahmy

  • My relationship with the Foundation:
  1. Role of formulating international contracts the summer of 2008
  2. Role of arbitration of investment disputes in the summer of 2011
  3. Membership of an international arbitrator and expert investment disputes since 2011 


Research skills
Research skills both in English and arabic Through the work of researching since childhood through contests and various educational stages Through the research aspect as a lawyer Through courses and bibliography Citation and intensive research in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Through the development of research skills within the framework of modern information technology and means of using Web 2.0 and other office software and Through undergraduate and graduate During the stage of the master provided three research on the role of the State Council some of the legal problems raised by dealing with the Internet and other Through professional training courses submitted a working paper entitled abbreviation recent legal issues
cloud computing
Cloud Computing: Using cloud computing services that I can develop the institution's performance through the increase of files and documents mobility and securitey and share them safely and effectively than any other solution for members and staff of the institution I can deal with the cloud computing programs as: live mesh, Ubuntu one,iclode and also sites such as Sky Drive Drop Box, Box and other I have some knowledge of modern solutions that help in developing the use of cloud computing in the institution like windows intune and windows azure
web 2.0 skills
I can adopt Web 2.0 builds  for the benefit of the work environment and conclude the results of professional time and provide capital and also increase the possibilities and the results of the institution like : Public Relations:Update PR environment of the institution through the use of modern social networks, public Qi's Facebfacebook or to professionalism as LinkedIn or even Google Plus Core  professional work: the possibility of providing a new means of various work teams to share files and presentations through the use of pads documents as OfficeLive and Google Documents and  professional asOffice 365 and others such as the evernote    
profissional IT skills
1. Modern working environment requires, in essence,_ not only as support _ to have at least a good knowledge of the mechanisms and techniques of communicative action, which provided high-technology information. 2.    Therefore, I was keen to gain a knowledge for many of these techniques at the expert level, or at least an advanced or good, including: E-mail platforms: I deal with e-mail software and specialized professional well. Starting From handle receipt, analysis, sorting and sending e-mail to organize schedules based on the events received and emerging programs such as thunderbird and Livemail , outlook  and mail on Linux or osx or others Office software: I can deal with writing programs, coordination and presentations and combinations in full way and I can print in advanced speed in either English or Arabic, and I can also deal with modern business environments through business meetings based on modern communication technology like microsoft share point , office 365 and online Conferences           i can work with microsoft office 2007 , 2010 / open office / liber office and modern web based    platformes
variety of IT skills
 can deal with many kinds of (high technology), including: Wide and expert knowledge and intensive follow-up for all the developments in the hardware of computers and gadgets . Full knowledge and wide with all operating systems, known and unknown, on computers and mobile platforms devices and tablet etc. . Microsoft computer os : expert , Microsoft mobile os : intermediate , Microsoft tablet os : follower apple mac osx : intermediate , apple ios: intermediate Google chromica : beginner  , Google Android: intermediate Linux computer os s : advanced , Linux mobile and taplet os s : intermediate  
many variety legal skills like : Legal Advice, forming international contracts, Legal Research, Legal Documentation, Legal Support, Contract Negotiation, Legal Writing and skills on some new legal fields like: Data Privacy : as iam PhD Researcher on data protection law and digital privacy is one of my research concepts . digital Data Management : d r m is a term for access control technologies that are used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals to limit the use of digital content and devices . digital forensic : branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime .  
modling and dealing with all kind of legal documentes
through my legal carrer i developed the skill to deal and drafting all kind of legal documents like : first process , legal , memorandum of law , contracts , judicial paper , charge of prosecution , police reportes , and so many
Molding and ending high level contract
Through my practice in the Adaleh Center of International Arbitration and legal advice and the role of drafting international contracts through its i gained the ability to deal with various types and levels of contracts and the necessary skills to Molding, negotiate and to end contract. Was enhanced by international arbitration courses and postgraduate studies in civil law, administrative and specialized in the role of Investment Disputes
legal councling
Part of the attorney's expertise and requirements to provide legal counseling and advice to represented clients across different sectors and variations of different legal manner appropriate for each individual case. I have to provide legal councling around several levels, starting from the level of the normal represented clients  to a represented clients with a high level and legal situations from the simple to the complex.


web site



*  To secure a senior level position at a top national(international) law firm.*  To continue to clearly and effectively convey successful legal advice.*  To efficiently work with a wide range of legal associates to both improve and enhance the law field.*  To focus in civil law field especially the modern information laws*  To make efforts in improving the modern legal assistants in the work  place*  To help on improving and expanding the legal practice on the field of information laws in the firm*  to join a workplace where i can gain/ give a benefit from my study and make a contribution through this study

my scribd shelf




  • Work experience in law for 4continuous, ongoing years and in international arbitration for  more than ayear
  • Master in Law and currently Ph.D. researcher in data protection law and information and telecommuncation laws
  • Advanced level in English and modern IT web2.0,cloud computing,p2p-p2c telecommunction


*the legal system for personal digital   data*PhD thesis *Pioneering research in the Arab world about the      protection of personal data under the digital world and the  repercussions of this area on various aspects such as  human rights, economics and politics*Recorded in the Faculty of Law, University of Alexandria    in 2 / 2011 


Proposal for courses of awareness in the field of digital privacy

  • Proposal written in a simplified format focuses on the awareness without the excessive legal complexity
  • Introduction to the Library of Alexandria
  • Written in Arabic and English

digital era and information age aglimpses on emerging legal issues Paper presented to a conference of experts of Investment Disputes, held in Alexandria University in the summer of 2011 sponsored by the Center for Justice addresses glimpses of

  • E- Arbitration
  • E- contracting
  • E-commerce

Written only in Arabic


Nov 2007Present

Practicing attorney

Egypt Bar Association
May 2011Present

International Commercial Arbitration

Adaleh Center for Arbitration and Legal Consultants