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Work History

Mar 2011Dec 2014

Senior Planning Engineer

  • Project details:
  • Magnificent Gas Processing Plant for ADCO (Abu Dhabi Gas Company)
  • Maintenance of 
  • Propulsion plants: Gas turbines, steam turbines, and diesel engines up to 23,000 HP
  • Power plants: Gas turbines, steam turbines, and diesel engines, up to 5 MW
  • Propulsion systems: Direct propeller, pitch propeller, reduction gear box; electric motor (synchronic variable)
  • Generators: Brushes and static electronic excitation, gear coupled indirectly to main engines and directly to turbo-plants (3X440 V, 10,000 A, 3-5 MW)
  • Fuel injection systems: Fuel injection combustors (JP-1 Aircraft fuel), fuel injection (Bosh pumps system), heavy fuel (crude), diesel oil injection pumps, kerosene, rotating burners (boilers), 
  • Boilers: High pressure water tubes up to 900 PSI with 16 burners, low-pressure commercial boilers and burners, steam plant systems and steam-powered me
  • chemical equipment, absorbers, co-generation, recovery boilers, and super-heat
  • Position and working atmosphere
  • • Posted as Senior Planning Engineer leading a team of 12 Planner
  • Routine Planning,
  • Carried out basc planning and preparation for routine maintenance and SD Mechanical works
  • Assisted Engineers in arranging availability and utilisation of tools and equipment
  • Assisted Engineers in preparing resources, materials and estimation
  • Reservivedc& and iss,ued materials to work executors based on the work plans
  • • Assisted  planning and preparation works for routine and SD works.
  • . & processing maintenance or SD Mechanical work requests to work orders. Collection of data for estimating and future reference
  • Obtaining information from Equipment Records or Maintenance History as guide and input in processing work requests
  • Receiving, reviewing, and compillng SD work list Estimating resources (manpower, equipment tools, ánd lifting equipments) and planning works sequences f
  • • Key planning Indicators (KPI) for the project 
  • • Established Revenue, Future Net Cash Flow, New Clients, Key Clients, Project Type, Project Type, Paid Man-hours, Client Type, Projects Finished on Time, Projects, Finished within Budget, Quality of Projects, Successful Bids - Number, Successful Prospects, Backlog, 
  • • Monitored the status of programs/projects as related to project status ensuring that baseline schedule milestones are achieved. Identifies slippages along with the reasons .
  • Scheduling
  • • Practiced with scheduling conflict solution such as Priority option of delaying task, adjusting slack and critical path and controlling resource start time. 
  • • Monitored and updated accurate schedule progress toward achieving the desired project completion date. 
  • • Consolidated the impact of approved changes and any deviations from the key project targets and milestones, including productivity monitoring 
  • Executive Reporting: 
  • • Established concrete evidence for report data such as overall percentage completion, total quantity of work executed, Payment Received, Lead deliveries, Total Safe Man-hours to demonstrate their authenticity in Executive Meetings.
  • Program development: 
  • • Defined Oil & Gas WBS such as Pipe racks fabrication and installation of Pipe racks, Heavy columns, Pipeline, Compressors, Electrical and instrumentation cables, work package planning & progress measuremen t procedures
  • • Listed out possible constraints, absorbed the consequences in coordination with construction section, implemented procurement lead times, loaded resources and productivity in coordination with Procurement department 
  • • Absorbed real site problems such as occupation of site by other contractor, relocation of existing utilities, change of pipeline route, delay in topographical survey, dewatering setup in the program to expose realistic scenario.
  • • Maintenance special training: RCA (reliability centred  maintenance), TPM (Total Productive maintenance), Kaizen (Continuous improvement), performance and efficiency engineering, lean manufacturing, metrics, and troubleshooting techniques
  • • Preventive: Development and implementation of scheduled maintenance programs and lubrication plans, overhauls, outages, inspections, draft tasks, instruction books, procedures, checklists, and emergency response programs
  • • Corrective: Development and implementation of corrective actions such as laser alignment, balancing, lubrication plans, maintenance frequency, and training
  • • Training: Development and implementation of personnel training, including SOPs and SMPs, checklists, and instruction books
Jan 2007Feb 2011

Senior Planning Engineer

  • Project details:
  • Qatar Petroleum – QP Refinery Project (Qatar)
  • • Waste management: tSewage recovery systems, incinerators, sewage water treatment, caking centrifuges, and polymer, sulfuric acid, and caustic treatment systems
  • • Auxiliary equipment: Screw and reciprocating air compressors up to 1200 PSI, fuel oil and lube-oil vertical purifiers, HVAC systems (including chillers and absorption), direct and indirect refrigerating plants, Freon 22, 12 and 134 screw compressors, ammonia refrigerating tunnels with reciprocating compressors, and water distillation plants up to 105,680 gallons per day
  • Pumps: Centrifugal steam, electric, diesel motor, and hydraulic powered for water, sludge, and fuel oil (horizontal and vertical, simple double and multiple stages), with capacities of up to 2,500 cubic meters per hour (660,500 Gallons); positive displacement pumps, including reciprocating, screw, lobule, spiral, gear, pulse hydrant, and diaphragm, at pressures up to 300 kg/cm2 (4,266 PSI)
  • • Others: Inert gas systems, crude oil washing systems, gas 
  • Position and working atmosphere : 
  • • Posted as Senior Planning Engineer leading a team of 12 Planners.
  • • Being located at remote corner of Abudhabi as man in Planning has established the Planning Department, recruited, trained with specs and dos, don’ts, practices and counseled the juniors to remove home s
  • Responsibilties
  • TA Planning 
  • Worked with Primavera P6 / MS project planning software packages with resource loading and scheduling to produce progress status reports
  • Produced 14 day and 90 day level 3 look ahead Schedules including labor histograms and detailed Work Packs for the Removal,
  • Involved in Refurbishment, Inspection, Testing and Re-instatement of Rotating and Static Plant and Equipment
  • Identified and requested support services reqwred to carry out a TIA, e.g.Scaffolding
  • Prepared Scope of Works and Tender Documents in coordination with other stakeholders. 
  • • Developed related Contracts Management and Administration System and Procedure in coordination With Company's Quality departments and PCI
  • Ensured Procurement Procedures (including Contracts Administration Systems,/ Procedures and Emergency Procurement Procedures) are adhered and complied Initiating review of contractor's change orders in coordination with relevant Contract Users and preparation of cost estimates as per contractual rates 
  • Ensured all Contracts availability prior works execution
  • •Prepared Contracts periodic reports for integration with overall job Close-out report
  • Worked with Primavera PC / MS project planning software packages with resource loading and scheduling.

  • Procurement
  • • Identified lead materials, created a tracking system to ensure their earliest delivery before installation. 
  • • Established and tracked critical steps for International purchase such as Inspection (Requisition and approval of Vendor Documents, Inspection Release Certificate), Expedition (Monitoring Suborder status and Cargo Readiness Certificate) and Shipping (Export clearance and packing, Import customs clearance).
  • • Subcontract Program: Verified subcontract schedule dates in line with contractor baseline dates. Evaluated capacity of equipment and manpower to accomplish target dates.
  • Area of Concern (AOC) : 
  • • Listed out the issues cause serious delay to completion, established correspondence to the concerned authorities for quick decision. F
  • Follow-up with concerned departments for realistic action taken to resolve critical issues. Corresponded with client for queries and reflected in executive report.
  • Risk Mitigation:
  • Implemented Risk mitigation techniques such as right capacity cranes to avoid Lifting problem of vessels, usage of quality pipe to succeed hydro-test, proper welding to pass x-ray weld test , safety drill and adequate assembly points to minimize casualties due to fire accidents 
  • • Generated tornado graph for better presentation of risk impact. 
  • • Maintained Risk Register with items such as Risk Event, Probability, Impact, Score, Risk Response, Action Plan. Developed Risk Register components such as Tolerance and appetite, Risk treatment, risk frequency, register models.
Jun 2002Dec 2006

Planning Engineer

  • SSSP – Saudi Strategic Storage Program A joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Swedish Government to store a oil demand of 50years in strategic locations
  • • Project: To Maintain instrumentation equipments such as Fire alarms, pressure gauges, flow meters, etc
  • Position held and working atmosphere
  • • Posted as Senior Planning Engineer leading a team of 10 Planners. Position and working atmosphere: employed as Planning Specialist leading a team of 6 Planners hails from India and East Asia, and West Africa with little experience . 
  • • Coordinated with design department to develop the WBS for Engineering phase and update of the progress in design submittals. 
  • • Special `Responsibilities
  • • Developed and evaluated schedule impact on project life cycle such as Initiation (Develop a business case, feasibility study: terms of reference), Planning (project plan, resource plan, financial plan, quality plan, risk plan, acceptance plan, procurement plan), Execution (Build the deliverables) and Closure
  • • Well practiced with development of WBS of FEED Engineering Design Integrity Workflow (EDIW) such as Scope Definition and Engineering Execution Strategy, Commencement of FEED Design, Initial FEED Development and Hazard Identification, Initial Design Review & Audit, FEED Design Approval (AFD), Final Reviews and Feed Report Compilation.
  • • Developed and follow-up of shop drawings process such as submission, review and approval with comments of 21days process and updated their status on weekly basis to alert the design department about the acceleration needed areas.
  • • Cost Management
  • • Established an effective cost breakdown structure in such a manner that right cost code for right work. 
  • • Calculated various cost categories such as overstated and understated, reallocated and surprise, preliminary and measured, direct and indirect cost. 
  • • Verified labor and equipment cost from cost sheet with time sheet and plant rental sheet for consistency. Calculated idle cost based on Compiled support documents for details manpower and , equipment idle for specific period such as Weather report, Timesheet Tender rates, Tender productivity and Photographs


Jun 1985Apr 1991

Bachelor in Engineering

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