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  • Good advertisements
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Graphic design
  • Abstract art
  • Sports
  • Music


To excel in the field of advertising and to work for the company where my creative skills can enhance the team by imparting new ideas that will help in producing new concepts related to advertising.


Determination is what I grew up with, therefore I will not leave things half way done. I enjoy immersing myself into the production side of creative work despite the constant obstacles stumbled upon. My experience in the production process has exposed me to a lot of new ideas. I strive to achieve excellence through my creative energy and enthusiasm to fulfill my audiences' satisfaction. I value opinions from my peers because I believe constructive criticism is needed to improve oneself. However being an opinionated person has also opened up opportunities to improve and further develop my understanding of the world. I have been nurtured to be grateful for what I have gotten and achieved; I don't expect more but I do not like accepting anything less.

Pro Bono Projects

  • Participant of Cannes Future Lions Competition
  • Handled the Creative execution ofMarketing Proposal for Taboo Group and Nelson Beer (client)
  • The Designer for McCann Erickson ‘The Nursery’ Campaign competition
  • The cameraman ofT-R-U-S-S Fashion Label Brand behind the scene (MEL)
  • Participant ofFirst Home Saver (FHS) Australia Campaign Competition
  • Participant ofAssistance Dogs Australia Campaign Competition
  • The photographer ofClass Event Assignment: Artsy-Fartsy
  • The cameraman, director and editor of4 corporate video for National Cancer Society Malaysia
  • The cameraman for 2 Public Service Announcements (PSA) forBefrienders Malaysia
  • The producer forApostrophe Short Story Competition (one of the 6 winners)
  • Involved in production of “Multiplicity” for 7th Dimension Launch
  • Produced 3 Public Service Announcement (PSA) for Fireworks Competition, IACT
  • Member of CAPA in IACT appointed photographer



Feb 2009Jun 2010

Bachelor of Applied Communication Advertising

RMIT Melbourne

Work experience

Nov 2010Dec 2010

Freelance Graphic Designer

Accure Marketing
  • Designed new business card;
  • Work closely with account manager getting the right design that represents them;


  • Ability to follow schedule and attend regularly and on time;
  • Ability to work without supervision and coming out with ideas before running to through account manager;
  • Effectiveness of ensuring and satisfying account director’s needs;
Aug 2010Oct 2010

Freelance Graphic Designer

Dave's Bistro, Bar & Grill
  • Designed The Grand Re-Opening to be advertised on Star Newspaper;
  • Designed backdrop for the launch;
  • Designed the Beer Promotion Banner and Poster;
  • Work closely with senior operation manager getting opinions and ideas they want on paper to final product;


  • Ability to follow and execute schedule task according to the plan;
  • Communicate effectively across different roles in the business such as owner, managers and senior operation manager;
  • Taking every criticism positively and put it to good use like redesigned the whole idea in a different direction to tackle the main goal.
Jun 2007Dec 2008

Production Assistant & Technical Support Staff

Zesqa Media
  • Working closely with the Director in translating the screenplay into moving images;
  • Orchestrating the lighting, framing and shooting of the show in close consultation with supporting crew members such as the Camera Operator, Gaffer, and Key Grip;
  • Assisting the producer in makes all the first contacts for dates, locations, and fees;
  • Assisting in changes in scheduling and the budget, serves as intermediary between the producer/management and crew, and oversees the activities of the entire crew;
  • Bearing responsibility for assisting producers and the production staff with all aspects of production including answering phones, scheduling meeting, copying scripts, and delivering scripts.


  • Experience in working with major clients;
  • Ability to follow schedule and attend regularly and on time;
  • Ability to liaising with third party and helpdesk to archive objective according to client requirement and company guideline;
  • Ability to work without supervision and as a member of a team;
  • Ability to manage all type of relationships with an exceptional customer focus and to build long-term relationship with peers and clients.
Jul 2008Dec 2008

Assistant Coordinator

  • Supervising staff for events;
  • Assisting users of facilities by providing requirements in regard to security, and/or other requirements;
  • Assisting in problem resolution and answers questions and referring to appropriate department when unable to respond;
  • Assisting in event staff in accordance with specifications and oversee assigned staff or operations;
  • Attending events to assist with the facilitation of operations and responds to emergencies, problems and ensuring assigned aspects of events are implemented and controlled according to plans;


  • Ability to follow and execute schedule task according to the plan;
  • Communicate effectively across different fields of professional such as suppliers, guests, and sub-ordinates;
  • Skilled in public relations and handling complaints.
Dec 2008Dec 2008

Freelancer Graduation Video

Montestroy Nursery School
  • Setting up and organizing the production including acting as liaison between the cast, client representatives, and other personnel on the set, and prioritizing information for expeditious filming;
  • Selecting and assembles the footage to create a story progression in accordance with the client’s vision.


  • Identifying customers’ needs and providing relevant support with outstanding customer service approach;
  • Experience in planning, organising and processing daily activities and target;
  • Accurate asset management skills;
  • Knowledge and experience in supporting large and complex editing software.
Jun 2007Jun 2007

Video Editor

Language Studio
  • Selecting and assembling the footage to create a story progression in accordance with the director's vision;
  • Working closely with the director in viewing dailies to determine what shot-takes are best used to tell the story; Handling all of the details in the editing room and assisting the editor in making creative decisions;
  • Digitizing the footage into the editing system, making sure that every shot is accounted for and handling all technical issues that may occur with the editing system.


  • Experience in system/network support and minor administration;
  • Ability to test, maintains, renew and update filming using relevant software;
  • Effectiveness of ensuring and satisfying Director’s needs.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills across people from different cultures.


Adobe Lightroom
Bahasa Malaysia Language
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Audition
Final Cut Pro
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


Graphic Design


Winner of Digi Short Film Competition

Feb 2009Jun 2010

Bachelor of Communication Advertising

Anne Dalton
Jan 2006Jun 2008

Diploma in Advertising and Marketing communication

Mr. Lee Kok Leong