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Summary of Skills

  • Knowledge of third party environmental certification and standards development (notably in forest management) in Central African countries; acquired from my work with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in the Congo Basin. Cameroon, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo and The Republic of Congo. 
  • Knowledge of third party environmental certification and standards development in the forestry sector in Latin American countries; acquired with my work at FSC notably in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras. 
  • Knowledge of third party environmental certification and standards development in the forestry sector in South East Asia; acquired with my work at FSC notably in Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, China.  
  • Personal network within key national and sub-regional institution; I have a good network within the forest ministries of Cameroon, Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Expertise in program development and project management; acquired through my work in FSC and IMAFLORA Brazil.
  • Fluent in French and excellent command of English; acquired through my academic background in Cameroonian College and university institutions.
  • Strong organizational skills; developed over time with working for FSC in some 40 countries globally.
  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing with both technical and non-technical audiences as well as collaborate with people of different backgrounds;
  • Familiar with local and international organizations; - Ability to lead teams; I currently lead a team of 4 staff.
  • Very good knowledge of computer applications; (all Ms Office programs including Access)
  • Values: Knowledge, Optimistic, Determined and Engaged.

Work experience

Assistant Lecturer

Cologne University of Professional Education

Lecture on Environmental certification schemes and its appraisals


Global Policy Manager, FSC National Forest Stewardship Standards

The Forest Stewardship Council International Center (FSC IC)
  • Technical evaluation of regional and national Forest Stewardship Standards
  • External representation of FSC in technical fora for Forest Stewardship Standards
  • Head regional team of five staff in the FSC Asia Pacific, Africa, EU and CIS countries, Latin America and North America FSC Regional Offices
  • Advise the FSC International Board of Directors on decisions over Forest Stewardship Standards
  • Manage the approval process of Forest Stewardship Standards
  • Supervise regional and national Forest Stewardship Standards development processes
  • Program work plan development and management
  • Program budget management
  • Quarterly work appraisals of staff.

Global Projects Coordinator

The Forest Stewardship Council International Center (FSC IC)

Project 1: Key project coordinator for Congo Basin for the FSC Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative:

  • Project planning
  • Project analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Preparation of workshops, seminars
  • Information coordination
  • Assign budgets to project regions and budget monitoring
  • Travel to respective countries for workshop supervisions
  • Support FSC IC Social Strategy Program.

Project 2: (Conceptual phase) Expansion of FSC certification at Landscape level through incorporation of Ecosystem Services; a Global Environment Facility (GEF) sponsored project

  • Assisted in project conception and project document preparation.
Feb 2007Apr 2007

Timber Trade Consultant

Inter Church Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO) 

Set up a Commercialization Strategy for a Pygmy Community Forest in Eastern province of Cameroon; Congo Rainforest.

Sep 2006Nov 2006

Timber Trade Consultant

Karl Hedin Timber Company

Market research on Glulam products for Karl Hedin in Poland;

Jun 2006Sep 2006

Trainee Auditor

IMAFLORA Brazil (FSC Certification Body)
  • Forest audit with Triumfo Timber Company Acre North of Brazil
  • Chain of Custody Audit assistant at Scan Com Brazil.


Sep 2010Present

M.Sc. Resource Management and Technology in Tropics and Sub-tropics

Cologne University of Applied Sciences

Specialized in Land Use Management


Ingenieure Degree

Larenstein University of Professional Education
  • Specialization 1: International Timber Trade
  • Specialization 2: Tropical Forestry

B.Sc. Environmental Science – Garbage and Waste Management in Urban Cities

University of Dschang

Specialization: Geography and Environmental Management


Diploma Degree

University of Dschang

Specialization: Environmental Law