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Software Engineer liberating humans from menial tasks and automatable work leaving inspired and creative jobs to developers, rather than have them battle unreliable, inconsistent systems and tools.
Polyglot programmer with a passion for elegant, expressive code. A firm believer in the right tool for the job, data-first mentality, with a slight paranoia around all things security. 

Work History

December 2016current

Software Developer


Consultant for ui/ux designers

Mocha testing suite. App is aiming for complete 90% test coverage. 

responsible for establishing CD pipeline. 

React , JSX, node, express stack

Feb 2016sept 2016

Assistant Teacher

Lighthouse Labs
  •  8 week boot-camp: Teach students how to code and become productive developers primarily with Ruby, but also covering SQL, ORMs, web frameworks, Javascript and Node. For thier finals they present a full app or research project to the community and potential employers
  • Web Fundamentals: Students go from no knowledge of web tech to building their first basic app in 6 weeks using HTML, CSS , a lightweight framework and a database(ORM)

DevOps Engineer

  • Part of small team developing and maintaining  system infrastructure, host DevOps Guild meeting, web traffic analytics and CI/CD using primarily: AWS, New Relic(NR), Travis, Ansible, NGINX, Python and Ruby
  • Various database technologies: both relational (Postgres/MySQL primarily) and non-relational (Redis, MongoDB), and some special-purpose databases (InfluxDB)
  • Primary DevOp contact on call 24/7 for flagship site and it corresponding teams. Made use of PagerDuty(PD), Slack, and Custom NR scripts
  • Collaborate with Tech Leads pushing automation, documentation, supporting autonomy, and empowering developers with new tooling
  • Worked closely with Security team to improve access management and logging centralisation, host hackathons, SSL certs, create retainment policy for Slack and other inter-office messaging, MFA and SSO, roll out and evangelise updates/upgrades

Jr Web Developer

  •  front-end Angluar development
  •  Migrated app from .NET to NodeJS
  • BDD with vanilla Jasmine

Co Founder

Hack House Enterprises
  • Board Director for this private maker-space, implemented code-of-conduct, increase building security, accountability system for projects, safety procedures and  event management.
  • Event coordinator bringing in international speakers , experts, and other like-minded people to assist in top projects/mini Ted-Talks/field-trips.  Built hacking obstacle course, urb-ex missions, computer hardware reassembly and lock-picking races.
  • Assist in motorcycle mechanics,  high-voltage projects(ie: fusion), pyrotechnics and other science experiments.