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May 2009Dec 2014

Bachelors of science in health sciences

Simon Fraser University

3.1 average GPA 


BLS certified 

i am certified as a basic life support by the Saudi Heart Association 

MCAT test 

I have also taken an MCAT (medical college acceptance test) on April 2015 in which I have obtained a score of 503 

medical lab training program

starting August 25th 2015, I have started a medical lab training program at the International Medical center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

I've covered on 2-week basis the following sections

1- Microbiology

2- Serology

3- Blood Bank

4- Hematology

5- Biochemistry

6- cytology

7- histopathology


adept at lab work 

through my undergraduate studies I have become adept at lab work through , molecular biology, microbiology, general biology, general chemistry, organic , chemistry, and virology

am used to centrifuge machines, DNA purification and analysis of DNA samples, light microscopes, fluorescent microscopy, bacterial studies   

Proficient in English 

I consider myself a native speaker of English. for I was born in Toronto, Canada in the year 1990 and spent most of my childhood there. I was used to using English throughout my middle-school and high-school while in living in Saudi. My skills were further honed during my 5-year stay in Vancouver, Canada while finishing my undergrad degree

Volunteer work 

I have done some volunteer work with Saudi Student society of British  Columbia under 5 consecutive presidents 

My volunteer work included, for the most part, helping new comers from Saudi in settling in an apartment to their need, opening bank accounts, finding a suitable cell phone plan, and opening a file at the Saudi cultural bureau

In addition i have helped in organizing events thrown by the student society 

An avid reader 

For as long as I can remember i have been in love with reading. during my formative years i have read many Islamic and European history books, much of them came from my grandfather's personal collection. I've also had a interest in Egyptian novels and later moved to Agatha Christie's novels. During college i have read classical philosophical and psychological novels like 'crime and punishment', 'War and Peace' and others. I have also read books on philosophy and science. Yet my childhood fascination with fantasy novels held strong with me during college and I read novel series like 'a song of ice and fire', 'Malazan book of the fallen' and others 

Arabic language

I am a native Arabic speaker 

Beginner in German 

During my undergrad study I've taken a couple of German classes thus finishing a beginner level German language user

Familiar with surgery 

I've had the opportunity to shadow two surgeons who work at International

medical center in Jeddah while taking a semester off in Jeddah


Dr. Taher Yunus

Consultant general surgery

Barietnic Surgeon

Chairman of surgical department, international medical center

[email protected]

Dr. Ameen Alherabi 

Consultant ENT surgeon

Head section of ENT department, international medical center

[email protected]


I'v e been blessed to spend the last 5 years of my life studying in Vancouver, which coincidentally has the best skiing resort in North America (contested by Aspen in Colorado), and thus i seized the opportunity to learn skiing 


I Have obtained an open waters diving license while living in Jeddah