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I am a soon to be graduate of Glendale Jr./Sr. High School. I am looking forward to going to collage for the study of being a geothermal technician.



High School Dyplomia 

Glendale Jr.Sr High School
  • Athletics: Football, Basketball, Wrestling
  • Clubs: Remembering Atom, Science Club, Varsity Club
  • I have maintained a 89 to 95 average in high school. 
  • I was awarded student of the month my junior year 

Work History 

Volunteer work 

Reade Fire Dept.
I went on calls and helped the firemen rule out house and rule them up. I went to classes of training for this so i was certified to do this with them. 

Mowing grass

I mowed my family's, and my neighbors grass for three years 


Mr. CusterMr. SpanikMrs. Rowels
Cadd/ wood shop teacherRetired PPG Worker Chemistry teacher 
Glendale Jr./Sr. High SchoolPPG TyroneGlendale Jr./Sr. High School