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I currently attend Collins Hill High School as a senior through the 2009-2010 school year. I have not yet hd the opportunitty to recieve employment, but I believe that my attitude and hard work throughout high school can also be carried over into the working atmosphere. I work hard at everything I do in my life and understand that the only way to suceed is to be positive, up-beat, and self-motivated. All of which are qualities I exemplify.

I have recieved the following awards and recognitions in High School:

  • 2nd Place on the National Latin I Examination 
  • 3rd Place on the National Latin II Examination
  • Perfect Attendance for the 2008-2009 school year
  • Student Athlete 2007-2008 and 2006-2007
  • Recognition as an Outstanding Student of the Year 2008-2009 school year
  • Recognition as an AP Scholar by the Colege Board for outstanding grades on my Advanced Placement Exams in the 2008-2009 school year.

I also currently hold a Cabinet position in the Junior Classical League, or Latin Club, as the Parliamentarian (equivalent to assistant Secretary). In this position I am responsible for creating a monthly newsletter and calendar marked with dates of meetings. This newsletter is voluntarily produced monthly by myself and shows how my determination and motivation benefits others. 

My grades are also very well maintained. As of August 14, 2009 my GPA is 3.632 and my Numerical average is a 90.658. These averages include all of the classes I have taken up until the first semester of the 2009-2010 school year. I challenge myself by taking as many Advanced Placement classes as I am able to and working as hard as possible in all of these classes. 

I am a very social person and enjoy interaction with others. I speak kindly towards others, no matter who they might be. I truly do believe that it is important to treat people better than the way you yourself would like to be treated in a certain situation. I enjoy being helpful and will do whatever is required of me in a job environment. 

Work experience

To me, school is a job. At school I must interact appropriately with adults as well as students. I am always careful to show up at least 20 minutes early everyday, and I have not once been late to class. Also, I maintain my grades very well. I will almost definitely be assured to graduate with honors in my graduating class. This specifically shows that my determination to suceed has propelled me into a very distinguished position. I haven't ever had what most people would consider "a job", but I have had experience that can be directly beneficial. I will work harder than I have ever worked before because I know that I can do great things in whatever position I am put in.


Aug 2006Present

Collins Hill High School

I work very hard and maintain an organized binder and folder system. I have taken three Advanced Placement classes to date in Statistics, Physics B, and U.S. History. I am currently taking another five this year. They are Language and Composition, American Government, Macroeconomics, Calculus BC, and Chemistry. These are the hardest classes offered at my school and offer a significant challenge to me. This challenge is something that I thrive on because it causes me to work harder than I would have ever thought possible and it requires me to think more creatively. I take these courses to prepare myself for college, but they also prepare me for life in general. By taking these courses, I have learned how to manage my time and how to interact more expressively with others. I believe that all of these qualities will be beneficial in a working environment and will promote positive attitudes of those around me as well as any customers with whom I will be interacting.