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Business Development - IT Services
Built a Multi-million dollar IT Professional Services company (r2 Technologies) based in Dallas TX. Ability to provide direct hire, staff augmentation, contract services, turnkey project development, and Project Management Office (PMO).
Public Speaking / Presentations
Contract Negotiation
Data Architect / Data Modeling
Software Programming
SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Visual Basic, Java, .NET, Perl,
Database Administration (DBA)
Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Teradata, MySQL, Sybase
Project Management
Internet / Web / eCommerce
Java, J2EE, .NET, C#, EJB, JavaScript, ASP.NET, VB.NET
Business Intelligence
Information Technology Sales
Ability to identify, engage, support, and close IT services for Fortune 100, Mid-level, and start-up companies across the US.
Data Warehouse
Staff Augmentation & Contract Services
Direct Placement
Skills Assessment
Interview and assess Information Technology professionals to match clients open positions.
Ability to screen, qualify, and place Information Technology professional to grow their careers.

Work experience

Sep 1997Present

President / CEO

r2 Technologies, Inc.
  • Responsible for day-to-day operations of a $5MM computer consulting company based in Dallas, Texas.
  • Senior Account Executive solely responsible for creating contract relationships with Fortune 500 Companies such as: American Airlines, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, EDS, General Electric, 7-11, JCPenney, CitiGroup (formerly The Associates), Sabre, and others.
  • Company has placed over 785+ candidates across the United States since inception.
  • Utilized other small businesses and partnerships in everyday business operations. These vendors include: software companies, office supplies, promotional items, telecommunications, and professional services.
Jan 1999Jan 2000

Project Manager / Data Architect

Sprint - Nextel, LLC
  • Responsible for identifying business feasibility, data and functional requirements, building conceptual, logical and physical Data Models for Long Distance, Residential, Commercial, Network, Wholesale, and Sprint’s Integrated Online Network (ION) projects.
  • Part of advisory team responsible for acquiring senior management approval to continue funding of critical “first to market” Telecom projects totaling a cost of approximately $28,000,000.
  • Responsible for assigning Data Architects, Database Administrators, System Architects, UNIX, LAN and WAN Administrators to work with various business functional groups. Created Project Plan, tasks, deliverables, milestones and project reviews for 30 different projects over the past six months.
  • Coordinated Oracle, Versant, DB2, ADABAS, Java, Visual Basic and Smalltalk developers in the construction of different operational systems. Assisted other Project Development Managers, QA Analysts, and Technical writers as they develop and implement each system.
  • Facilitated and consolidated Corporate wide guidelines, standards and procedures to ensure the effective and efficient use of project managers, analysts, developers and business users.
Sep 1997Jan 1999

Data Warehouse Project Manager / Data Architect

Weblink Wireless (formerly PageMart), Inc.
  • Responsible for identifying pilot Data Warehouse project for Sales, Marketing and Accounting functional areas. Defined project scope, created implementation plan, documented “high impact processes (HIP)” and acquired senior management sponsorship of $1,325,000 Pilot Data Warehouse.   
  • Developed Conceptual Data Model, Logical Data Model, Physical Data Model and Star-Schema design of 112 entities using Oracle’s Designer 2000 and Sybase’s WarehouseArchitect CASE tools.
  • Defined business requirements, data sourcing rules, logic and data validation processes for Enterprise Data Warehouse and Departmental Data Marts used by 8 developers for extract programs.
  • Designed the data architecture and process flows to populate Data Warehouse and Data Mart environments on a Sun Solaris 6000 processor under Oracle v8.0.
  • Implemented an 840 GIG Data Warehouse / Dart Mart environment in nine months initially with 2 years of historical data.
  • Defined the multi-dimensional database (MDD) requirements and data dictionary for Corporate and Remote knowledge workers using Cognos PowerPlay and Impromptu Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools.
Aug 1996Aug 1997

Business Development Manager (consultant)

Analysts International Corporation (AiC)

Business Development Manager (consultant)

  • Responsible for identifying project related work in the Dallas / Fort Worth area for Analysts International Corporation (AiC).Created marketing plan, feasibility approach, proposal generation, executive management presentations, winning contracts, recruiting development staff and transitioning project to full-time project manager.

In six months won $2,973,000 in professional contracts in:

  • Object Oriented project to develop a real estate forecasting system ($520,000, 12 staff)
  • Outsourcing of Quality Assurance functions for a software vendor ($1,216,000/year, 14 staff)
  • Outsourcing software maintenance duties for a IT organization ($357,000, 5 staff)
  • Client/Server Migration Project for an IMS and DB2 system to Oracle ($635,000, 6 staff)
  • Data Warehouse/Data Mart for a credit retail company to analyze bad debt ($245,000, 4 staff)

Bank of America (formerly NationsBanc Services) 09/96 - 11/96

Data Warehouse Manager(AiC consultant)

  • Implemented a 825 GIG Data Warehouse environment in 75 business days that integrated an Asset Management systems environment. This allowed the end-user to view customer centric and bank-focused information for client assets, real estate, securities, bonds, trusts, 401k and IRAs.
  • Facilitated user sessions to gather, group and define business, historical and trending requirements. Duties included: project management of a eight person team, logical and physical data modeling of 578 source data elements, data transformation and extraction rules, database design, implementation and designing user reports.
Feb 1996Aug 1996

Information Architect

CitiGroup (formerly The Associates Corporation of North America)

Data Architect / Information Architect                                                                        02/96 - 08/26

  • Designed a logical and physical Oracle Data Warehouse structure to consolidate, integrate and centralize 95 existing legacy systems.
  • Facilitated user sessions to gather, group and define business, historical and trending requirements.
  • Project manager responsibility to administer project plan regarding data sourcing, acquiring new hardware and software and decision support tasks.
  • Identified business and data requirements to consolidate and integrate legacy data into a centralized Data Warehouse which reduces the amount of redundant data corporate wide.
  • Defined separate requirements for building an Operational Data Store (ODS) and Data Warehouse to support the business' operational and historical information needs.
  • Identified phased implementation approach to deliver business value in 12-week increments to create client excitement and prove new technology and concepts to the business users.

Information Architect / Migration Planner10/95 - 02/96

  • Obtained approval to implement $1.75 million dollar Data Warehouse project.
  • Developed an enterprise wide migration plan for the Associates' Commercial line of business. This plan serves as the road map for all division wide future systems development.
  • Created a business model, current systems inventory and business precedence document for senior management to approve and authorize funding.
  • Developed a conceptual data and process model to be used to identify business requirements and identify existing "functional gaps" in legacy systems.
  • Created the migration plan and presentation for senior management to understand business, hardware, software and funding requirements.

Data Architect / Product Analyst / Consultant

Ameritech Health Connections
  • Facilitated Product Management, R&D, Customers and Industry Consultants to develop a Clinical Data Warehouse using Sybase's S-Designor CASE tools.Implemented in a SYBASE, UNIX environment.
  • Interviewed 11 different management and user groups to collect, evaluate and perform a feasibility study for the Client/Server Knowledge Keystone Product.
  • Using IEM Data Modeling and analysis techniques developed a logical Clinical Data Warehouse consisting of 211 logical entity types. Designed and implemented a 107 table DW in UNIX SYBASE.
  • Developed a Hospital Clinical Communications Operational Data Store consisting of 207 logical entity types that interfaces with the existing Clinical Data Warehouse and OLTP.

Technical Analyst / Consultant

Fidelity Investments Company
  • Developed and implemented a 56 table DB2 based Fixed Assets Application.
  • Used High Productivity Systems (HPS) CASE methodology to perform a feasibility analysis.
  • Facilitated JAD sessions to develop a Functional Decomposition and process model.
  • Developed infrastructure for Systems Group to use in the tracking of Fixed Assets.
  • Created 65 programs and batch load schedule to extract inventory information from various computer platforms (Excel, VM, SAS, and TSO) for cost reducing analysis.

IEF ISP/BAA/BSD/Construction Technical Lead

ExxonMobil Oil
  • Performed Business Area and Activity Analysis of a General Ledger Business Area to develop an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) with 92 entity types.Created and modified 180 Functions and Processes in the Model's Activity Hierarchy.Created 110 Process Action Diagrams (PADs) for the A/R model in one month.
  • Developed 20 BSD Dialog Flows equating to 68 screens and programs from the Activity Hierarchy, including Screen Design, writing Procedure Action Diagrams (PrADs), code generation and testing.
  • Encyclopedia Administrator, responsible for the management and integrity of the General Ledger and Accounts Receivable Central Encyclopedia (CE) models.

Project Analyst / Project Lead / Software Developer

PepsiCo / Frito-Lay, Inc.
  • Developed 25 interactive D2 processes for volume line items, expense costs, manufacturing requirements and marketing trade promotion calendars, to support the forecasting cycles.
  • Responsible for a Cost Accounting system in which 67 short-term enhancements were implemented using IMS DB/DC and DLI.Primary interface with 12 end-user clients, on call for troubleshooting system abends and system recovery to ensure accurate and timely information.
August 1980October 1984

Project Leader / Software Analyst / Programmer-Analyst

Texas Instruments, Inc.
  • Responsible for the daily support efforts of an IMS DB/DC manufacturing application that described in detail the process of building various products for government contracts.
  • Involved in daily customer interface, multi-tasking of user problems and system trouble-shooting.Identified corrective actions for system recovery and prioritized task for 4 analysts.


Aug 1977Aug 1980

Management Information Systems

Trinity University


North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA)


Small Business Administration (SBA)

US General Services Administration

Historically Under Utilized business (HUB)

Minority Business Council of Dallas


Volunteering, Non-Profit Organizations, Boy Scouts of America, Running, Tennis, Camping, Hiking, Community Service