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Work experience

Sep 2013Present

Finance Officer

PT. Petro Putra Perkasa

PT. Petro Putra Perkasa is the distributor, transporter and contractor of oil, fuel, and gas, company based in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. The products are being supplied for the palm plantations, the rubber production companies, and the mining companies. 

Skill tags : management, accounting 

Apr 2011Aug 2013


Media Indonesia Newspaper (PT. Citra Media Nusa Purnama)

Media Indonesia is the Indonesian daily published newspaper, who is one of the largest newspaper companies in Indonesia. Established on January 1970, Media Indonesia newspaper is always committed to be transparent to the public through the information published. 

I used to work under the Compartment of Weekend Publishing, Sports Publishing, and being the watchdog for the social life of Jakarta as well as the provincial government's policy, under the Compartment of "Megapolitan", which gives daily updates about the overall issues around Jakarta. 

Skill tags : writing, reporting, interview, analyzing, documentation, time management, working under deadlines

Aug 2010Sep 2010

Interns for "Economic Challenges"

Metro TV (Media Group)

PT. Media Televisi Indonesia was granted a broadcasting license for Metro TV on October 1999. From a start up work force of 280 employees, the company now employs more than 1200 people, mostly in the newsroom and production areas.

Economic Challenges is a weekly TV talkshow aired on Metro TV, which emphasizes the national and global economical issues with the point of views from the expert, the authorities, the governments, the stakeholders, and the shareholders. 

I was an intern for the producer and was in charged for collecting the data required by the producers and the host, sending an approaching letter to invite the speakers and the guests. 

Skill tags : organizing, management, analyzing, writing, interpersonal communication

Mar 2008Mar 2010

Liaison Officer

Java Jazz International Festival

Established in 2005, Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF) is one of the largest jazz festivals in the world and arguably the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The first festival held gained approximately 125 groups and 1,405 artists performed in 146 shows, and attended by 47,500 visitors during its three-day stretch. The number has been increasing in the following years. 

Three years in a row, I was an Liaison Officer, who was responsible to assist the artist prior, during, and after the show. 

- 2008 - Ashanti, an American music artist who won the Best Contemporary R&B Album in the Grammy Awards 2003; 

- 2009 - Swing Out Sister, British sophisti-pop group best known worldwide for their 1987 song "Breakout"; and

- 2010 - Diane Warren, an American songwriter whose her songs have received six Academy Award nominations, five Golden Globe nominations, and twelve Grammy Award nominations.

Skill tags : organizing, coordinating, personal assistance, time management,  interpersonal communication 

Jul 2003Jul 2004

Radio Announcer

Radio Primadona (Volare Group)

Radio Primadona is one of the oldest radio in town which was established in 1996. It is a family-segmented radio and committed to acquaint the artworks of Indonesian music artists. 

I was an intern for 3 months, and subsequently appointed as the announcer for the daily youth programs, and Asia music programs. 

I was also in charged for making a research and a script for the purpose of the airing program. 

Skill tags : public speaking, writing, interview, analyzing 


Aug 2006Sep 2011

Bachelor of Arts

STIKOM London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

During my studies, I had make several journalist products, such as documentary video, investigating video reports, articles, and news analyzing. 

My studies on Mass Communication Studies have equipped me with the theory and practical experiences which coincide with my interest in media and journalism. 


Public Speaking
The public speaking's kill was most elaborated during my experiences as a moderator or master of ceremony (MC) in the events held by Buddha Dharma Indonesia. The working experience as a radio announcer had also emerged the public speaking skill.
The experience as a journalist who also loves reading and writing have given me a skill to interpret and to elaborate the ideas into the writing.


Quirky Cartoons Loved all the Way to the Land of the Lion (Translated)

The story of an Indonesian young talent artist, Pamela Halomoan, who has proven that animation characters made by a young Indonesian can make their way all over the world. Article published on Media Indonesia newspaper, June 18 2011

The Inconsistency of the Water Supply in Jakarta (translated)

The demand of water, as one of the most essential needs, has became a major problem for Jakarta citizens, especially for the people who live in the suburb areas. People who live there are not able to receive the water supply consistently. Government said that it is the privates' responsibility as the obligation in water supply belongs to privates. On the other hand, the privates urged the government to take a policy because of the water leaks done by the particular people and organizations. This was an in-depth article which collected the information from the public, the privates, the government, and the expert. Article published on Media Indonesia newspaper, April 12 2013.

Pedagang Kaki Lima Melawan ("Kembangan" Street Vendors Fight Against the Government of Jakarta)

The stories about the street vendors in the southern Jakarta who undertook a fight against the government officers who tried to repel the vendors. The action was taken due to the occupation by the vendors on the public area. Article published on April 10 2013.