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Barend frederik smit

Professional Photographer 

Personal summary and objective

I am a professional photographer from Cape Town, South Africa with more than 6 years of experience. I am ambitious, motivated, creative, business orientated and diligent. If I put my mind to something I can achieve anything. My objective is to find a company who is moving forward, with great core values. I believe SHOES is the right company where I  can use my experience and passion to add value to your team. LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT I CAN BRING TO THE TABLE!

 PRofessional experience

Photographer lvl 3

Princess cruises
Dec 2012Present

Studio Photography- I take professional photos in a variety of different studios-(formal and casual sessions). I'm shooting families, groups, couples and children using my own style and creativity to give them an unforgettable experience. So we can create beautiful photos together. I'm very competitive and I want my photos to have the highest sell-through rates possible. I'm achieving that by using my knowledge and experience, directing my clients so, they look stunning while having a good time.

Wedding photography- I do weddings on a weekly basis, capturing the most special moments of the wedding couple. It's very important to form a professional relationship with the couple, to make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed. With their trust, we create unforgettable memories which will last a lifetime.

Stock Photography- As a professional photographer, I get to go on tours and excursions. Photographing some of the most amazing places all around the world. Then I edit and archive my Stock Photography making sure they are shining ready, for our photo gallery. For advertisement purposes, I also photograph our retail product in our professional studios.

Events Photography- Myself and my team photograph our passengers in a whole variety of events, for example, fine-dining, extravagant parties, their ports of call and special events. I work in a team where teamwork is very important to achieve our targets and deadlines. I'm well organised and a great team player and a good team leader.

Sales- It is essential for us to reach our individual targets and achieving the overall budget. I've perfected my salesmanship skills with more than 3 years of weekly training on sales techniques, creating my own style and giving the highest standard of customer service. Selling our photos in the form of packages, digital files and up-selling it with retail products such as albums, frames, canvas enlargements, digital cameras and camera equipment.

Editing, retouching and graphic design- I'm editing and retouching our photographs, providing the highest standards ready for our photo gallery. I'm well versed in all adobe software, designing templates, advertisement and promotions with great results.

Professional Printing- Working in our photo lab, I'm printing on a very large scale. Understanding all safety procedures of chemicals and photo waste, making sure our printers are running smoothly, maintaining and cleaning them on a daily basis. So our product has great color and is shining when it goes to our photo gallery.

Leading Seminars and events- I'm educating our passengers on how to better their photography skills, in photography and advance photography seminars. I also give one on one classes to our passengers to ensure they know how to use their DSLR cameras. I'm leading promotional events and promoting our retail products.

Free Lance Photograper

Self employed
Jan 2010Dec 2012

I started to working for companies on a freelance basis. Such as the Western Cape Gymnastics Association (WCGA) photographing all their major provincial competitions and FOX-MODELS creating professional portfolios for their models and photographing their fashion shows and promotional events for Green Mamba. Building up a name for myself and achieving great success. I also did weddings and fashion photography on a freelance basis. I still continue to do projects and creating art, it's my passion and love. 


Advance Photography Diploma

Stellenbosch Institute of Photography & Multimedia Studies
Jan 2010Dec 2011

The Stellenbosch Institute is a specialized and career orientated Photographic and Multimedia Institute that offers a top-of-the-range full-time 2-year course. Professional South African Photographer Charl Best  is the  founder and head at SIPS. The Best Photography, Graphic Design & Video Production training in South Africa. Twenty years in existence –  The oldest and well established private multimedia Institute  in the Western Cape.

My diplomas

  • Photography                                              Advanced  Photography
  • Video Production                                    Advanced Video Production
  • Photoshop                                                   Visual Communication
  • TV Presenting


additional Skills

Capture one

I use capture One on a daily basis.


English is my first and home language.


I’m well versed in all adobe software.


95% of Afrikaans vocabulary is ultimately of Dutch origin, there are few lexical differences between the two languages. I can read, speak and understand dutch with ease.


Afrikaans is my second language, I'm fluent in Afrikaans.


References available upon request.

I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read my cv. I believe that I could contribute to the continued success of SHOES. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in an interview.