Chris Trost

Student - Genoa Kingston High School

Work experience

Work experience
2014 - Present



Supervision, preparing dinner, keeping them out of trouble.

2013 - 2014


DeKalb County Animal Shelter

Cleaning cages, walking dogs, grooming cats, feeding animals.


2014 - 2018

Genoa Kingston High School



Basic Coding

I've done a lot of work with HTML and know a lot of format coding with it. I can work on layouts and have worked on basic webpages before.

Layout Design

I've been the head of many a project based on designing layouts. I'm pretty good at the composition of a project and knowing where things should go to look good.


I've worked on countless art projects and have been doing creative, artistic projects on my own since 2011. I've done creative writing and basic web layouts to name two.


I've used Photoshop and other programs for a long time. I've used various versions of Photoshop as well as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, all those Microsoft programs.


I'm very detail focused and like things to look nice. If something is just barely off I will fix it so overall it will look better, thanks to that one detail. I have a good eye for the little things and I'm observant in all.