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Lizeth Sánchez López

B.S. In Biotechnology Engineering

Work experience

Jul 2013Jul 2014

Laboratory Research Assistant

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)

I served as a research assistant of Dra. Clara Patricia Rios Ibarra with her project: "Evaluation of the antitumor effect of metformin in colon cancer: phosphofructokinase (PFK-1) as a therapeutic target (in vitro)". In this project, I participate in the execution of cell cultures of colon cancer, RNA extraction, cell viability assays, cell transfection, real-time PCR, reverse transcription PCR and gene silencing mediated by iRNAs.

Jan 2012Aug 2012

Laboratory Research Assistant

Neurotech U.S.A Pharmaceuticals

I served as a research assistant in a subproject that was part of the project "Encapsulated Cell Technology (ECT)", thta was developed and patented by the company. During my internship, I realize a series of activities which include: mammals epithelial cell culture, immunocytochemistry assays, cell transfection assays, electrophoresis under denaturing conditions (SDS PAGE) and gene silencing (knockdown) mediated by siRNAs.


Aug 2009May 2014

B.S. In Biotechnology Engineering

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

I graduated with an average of 95/100 and I received an Honorable Excellence Mention by the institution.


Matlab Management
Office Tools (Word, Excel and Power Point) Management
Expertise in Cell Culture
Expertise in Microbiology
Expertise in Molecular Biology
Spanish Lenguage Management
Native Lenguage
German Lenguage Management
English Language Management


Feb 2014Present

edX Honor Code Certificate of completion in HarvardX MCB80.1x, Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part I

Harvard University through edX
Authenticity of the certificate at:
Aug 2012Present

Certificate of Completion of the NIH Web bases training course “Protecting Human Research Participants”

The National Institute of Health (NIH) Office of Extramural Research
Certification Number: 962190

Congress Participation

June 2014. Participation in the IFCC WorldLab Istanbul 2014, 22nd International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, 22nd Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation Meeting (BCLF 2014), 26th National Congress of the Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS 2014) with the investigation work "EVALUATION OF THE POTENTIAL EFFECT OF ANTITUMORAL THERAPY WITH METFORMIN + IRNA–PFK-1 IN RKO COLON CANCER CELLS", held in Istanbul, Turkey.June 2014. 

December 2013. Constancy for the outstanding participation in the Cátedra de Investigación en Biociencia of the ITESM, Campus Guadalajara.

October 2013. Constancy of participation in the XXI Congreso Latinoamericano de Bioquímica Clínica y Medicina de Laboratorio with the poster presentation: “Estudio del potencial anti-tumoral de metformina o iRNA-PFK-1 en células de cáncer de colon p53 negativas” in Lima-Perú."

Contest Participation

Actually-Participation in the international synthetic biology competition The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM), in the category iGEM 2014 Entrepreneurship, for the development of a Mexican company aimed at the synthesis of a biopolymer for medical use.

December 2013. Constancy for the participation in the competition Premio 2013 Canifarma with the investigation work: “Estudio del potencial antitumoral de metformina o iRNA-PFK-1 en células de cáncer de colon p53 negativas”.

May 2013. Constancy of participation in the contest Alimentos Innovadores  with the product “Tortimas” at the  5ta Asamblea Jalisciense de Nutrición “El panorama de la Nutrición: fortaleciendo el hoy, preparando para el mañana” , held in the ITESM campus Guadalajara.

Academic Awards

May 2014. First place in the contest "Segundo Taller Vertical: Desarrollo de un producto cosmético funcional”, organized by Unima Bioseguridad Integral company and the Biotechnology department of the ITESM campus Guadalajara. The project involved the design and development (at laboratory scale) of a cosmetic product for topical use against Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, which causes acne in humans.

March 2014. Honorable Mention in the Congreso Internacional Avances en Medicina Hospital Civil de Guadalalajara 2014 “Innovación en Salud, nuestro compromiso”, in the category of Investigación Básica XII Concurso de Trabajos Libres en Cartel with the work entitled: “Evaluación del Potencial Efecto Antitumoral de la Terapia Combinada con metformina + iRNA-PFK-1 en células de cáncer colon RKO”.

January 2014. First place in a professional thesis entitled: "Transcriptional analysis of the potential anti-tumor effect of metformin and iRNA-PFK1 in colon cancer cells HCT-15 p53 negative" at the 44° Congreso de Investigación y Desarrollo: Investigación que Transforma Vidas, held by ITESM, Campus Nuevo León.

November 2012. First place in the contest “Primer Taller Vertical de Ingeniería en Biotecnología" organized by the ITESM campus Guadalajara, along with Destilería 501 (S.A. de C.V.) y Sarracino & Sarracino Consulting. The project involved the design and implementation of an industrial plant for the treatment of the vinasses generated in the Tequila 501.

January-May 2013. Best Average of the BS. In Biotechnology Engineering at the ITESM, Campus Guadalajara.  

August-December 2011. Best Average of the BS. In Biotechnology Engineering at the ITESM, Campus Guadalajara.

August-December 2010. Best Average of the BS. In Biotechnology Engineering at the ITESM, Campus Guadalajara.

August-December 2009. Best Average of the BS. In Biotechnology Engineering at the  ITESM, Campus Guadalajara. 


PhD. Chavarria-Avila Efrain, Vázquez-Del Mercado Mónica, Gómez-Bañuelos Eduardo, Ruiz-Quezada Sandra Luz, MSc. Castro-Albarran Jorge, BD. Sanchez-Lopez Lizeth and Rosa Elena Navarro-Hernandez. "THE IMPACT OF LEP -2548G>A AND LEPR Gln223Arg POLYMORPHISMS ON ADIPOSITY, AND BALANCE OF LEPTIN AND LEPTIN-RECEPTOR SERUM LEVELS IN A MEXICAN MESTIZO POPULATION". The Scientific World JournalThe Scientific World Journal. (Under Review)