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  • Developed a Web application that got sold to more than 8 banks
  • Implemented an Architecture on which the above application was based. The entire team now uses this architecture.
  • Assisted the team in various projects. Supported them while using the architecture and while developement. Helped them meet strict deadlines.
  • Designed several highly dynamic modules, with great attention to details, solving many issues before they occurred.
  • Established various processes that enabled and improved the team's performance from design to delivery..
  • Allowed collaboration in reviewing and sharing the designs across collegues working from remote locations.
  • Extremely optimized the application, saving hardware cost

Work experience

Sep 2005Present

Software Engineer and CRM Consultant

National Cash Registers (NCR)

·Senior designer and developer of a CRM and Contact Management Web Application that got sold to several banks in Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan, Russia, UAE, and Greece...

It manages the banks’ marketing campaigns, customer complaints, and customer notification messages. It decides which customers need to receive which messages, andmanages the communication channel used in delivering these messages to the customers. It collects the customers’ feedback and uses it to automate further actions that need to be taken. It generates reports based on the customer interactions.

Example 1: In the bank’s branches and call centers, it uses an intranet web application and intelligently allocates leads across various agents, who then contact customers and save the customers’ responses.

Example 2: On ATM Machines and internet banking, it uses extremely optimized .NET Web Services and a runtime engine, which allow messages to reach thousands of customers per minute...

·Interacted with clients for several purposes including: presales/ installation/ customizing/ training/ and support of the above software (called Contact Management System: CMS).

·Helped set up various processes (design, implementation, versioning, testing…) to enable the team to become a better software house, and to become more collaborative in an environment where team members live in different countries.

·Developed a .NET Architecture. CMS was built over an advanced .NET architecture which facilitates project maintenance and future add-ons.

This architecture used metadata, which allowed the customization of parts of CMS without recompilation. An advanced yet simple-to-use tool was built to edit metadata. Using this tool, our Clients could customize some of their screens, adding textboxes, lists, hyperlinks, tabs, grids…

·Familiarity with Teradata Customer Relationship Management software (TRM) and integration of TRM and other CRMs with the above CMS.

·Implemented a complete Teradata Datawarehouse loading process in a few banks. Also participated in the implementation of Teradata warehouse in a bank in Lebanon. Assisted with SQL optimization, Teradata RDBMS design, and used Microsoft .Net (C#) for creating a set of productivity utilities that assist in daily operations.